There are shoe cabinets, what are the practices?

Shoe cabinet every household must have, about the shoe cabinet album can directly read “enter the door shoe cabinet to change the shoe stool”, today to see what forms of the shoe cabinet are, you can sit down, if it happens to be the same as your own home, you can learn from it.

First, there is a separate foyer

Of course, this type of apartment is the best, and it is also the place to pay attention to when buying a house. A separate foyer can meet the storage of the entrance door separately, and there is a roundabout space for going home.

▲ There is a separate entrance hall, the right hand unified custom storage shoe cabinet, and because of the large space, it can meet the layout of the shoe changing stool, and the hollow under the shoe changing stool fully meets the placement of shoes usually worn, and the background of the shoe changing stool meets the needs of hanging clothes at the door; The full-length mirror layout of the wall on the left hand of the entrance door not only meets the needs of going out to organize the appearance, but also has the effect of expanding the space

▲ Common practice of separate entrance hall, one side can just customize the top shoe cabinet, the lower hollow to meet the shoes, the middle hollow sensor light layout to meet the entrance door to put bags and keys; At the same time, the new wall realizes the inlay design and weakens the presence of the cabinet

▲ The same is a single foyer, the right hand window of the door, straight to the wall of the custom top shoe cabinet, the bottom suspended to meet the casual placement of the shoes below, visually can be more light, entering the door will not have a sense of oppression, while the placement of the wooden small round stool can take into account the function of the shoe changing stool of the door

▲There is a large separate foyer, which can not only easily realize the entrance storage, but also create a beautiful entrance background, which is the advantage condition

Second, the entrance is the hall

This type of apartment is just the opposite of having a separate foyer, there is no separate foyer, and it is more difficult to make a shoe cabinet than a separate foyer.

▲ The entrance is the hall and the restaurant and the entrance hall belong to the shared space, and the entrance location space is small, so there is a distance when customizing the shoe cabinet, and the custom shoe cabinet and the sideboard are integrated, which not only meets the storage of shoes entering the door, but also can also meet the storage of clothes entering the door, and at the same time can take into account the utility cabinet

▲This is also the entrance is the hall, and directly facing the restaurant, using the left hand position of the entrance door to create a shoe stool and shoe cabinet storage, while the shoe cabinet and the TV wall are integrated and independent of each other, which can meet the storage and create a sense of visual extension

▲ No foyer is not just a need for apartments, most of the mansions are like this, as shown in the figure, use the right hand of the door to create a shoe cabinet to meet the basic storage of the door

▲ As shown in the picture, the entrance door is the hall, and the side of the sideboard is used to realize the basic storage of the door

▲ The entrance is the hall, borrowing the lengthy aisle custom low cabinet shoe cabinet, stretching space to meet the storage, and the countertop achieves the casual storage of the door

▲ The entrance door is empty for a distance to avoid the security door, the finished shoe changing stool and full-length mirror are satisfied, and the aisle wall is customized through the top shoe cabinet, which also meets the powerful storage of the entrance door

▲ Entering the door is the hall, using the left hand vertical low cabinet to achieve the entrance storage, and the back just layout of the booth restaurant, is also a method

▲ Similar approach, use the low cabinet on the left hand of the door to store, and the back is just combined with the card holder to meet the function

▲ The entrance door is the hall, there is no space in the left hand, you can only borrow the right hand low cabinet to place it vertically, achieve storage, and divide a foyer out

Third, there is no foyer to create a foyer

This type of apartment belongs to the later transformation, because there is no foyer, but a separate foyer can be realized through the later transformation, so that the storage of the entrance can be realized

▲The original apartment did not have a foyer, and the new wall divided a separate foyer, achieving a super shoe cabinet for entering the door and a background for the entrance directly facing the door; Using the Chinese-style window design, the space is transparent and not dull

▲The use of straight space to make a partition shoe cabinet layout, to achieve a separate entrance hall into the door, there are space conditions restrictions

▲Using the partition of the space directly opposite the entrance door and the customization of the shoe changing stool, a separate foyer space is created to realize a separate roundabout space and storage

▲The new masonry wall creates a separate foyer, and at the same time realizes the basic storage of the entrance door

▲ The right-hand custom shoe cabinet, straight to the partition layout to achieve the entrance background, while solving the problem of entering the door directly to the restaurant, just behind the realization of the booth restaurant

▲The entrance door is directly to the custom inlaid shoe cabinet to achieve a separate foyer, and the right hand and the kitchen are newly opened with light window holes to achieve the spread of natural light

Fourth, smash the wall to borrow space to meet the storage of shoe cabinets

Whether there is a separate hallway or a hall in this type of apartment, there will be no space for shoe cabinets at all, so there is a practice of smashing walls to borrow space

▲ The entrance door is the hall, and the left and right can not meet the shoe cabinet, in order not to sacrifice the layout of the sideboard, the practice of sacrificing the bedroom space of the right hand is adopted, the shoe cabinet is inlaid inlay, and according to the size of the space, the super storage of the door can be realized

▲ As shown in the picture, there is also no space, borrow the kitchen space to meet the mosaic of the shoe cabinet, the height is consistent with the height of the kitchen door, and the vision is more beautiful

Fifth, borrow other storage to achieve the entry shoe cabinet

This kind of approach is a way to do it, but it is often unexpected to make a creative effect, and perfectly realize the storage needs of entering the door

▲The partition wall of the new wall of the entrance door realizes the inlay of the refrigerator, and at the same time borrows the shoe cabinet that just achieves the entry on the side, and cleverly borrows the storage function to achieve the function

▲Use the door to open the kitchen cabinet side through the top shoe cabinet to meet the storage, but also play a role in separation

▲Use the side of the sideboard to realize the storage of the shoe cabinet at the door. Such a topic can directly read “No foyer, borrow custom sides to achieve shoe cabinet”

Sixth, the entrance partition shoe cabinet

Generally, the entrance door is directly facing the custom shoe cabinet, and the shoe cabinet and entrance function are achieved at the same time

▲Space limitation, can only use the door to directly customize the shoe cabinet partition, realize the function of the shoe cabinet, and achieve the entrance partition of the door

▲ Use the direct space of the entrance door to customize the shoe cabinet to meet the storage and entrance function of the entrance door

▲It is typical to use the straight space to realize the shoe cabinet and the entrance background, and the transparent partition does not affect the overall lighting

Seventh, the use of finished shoe cabinets to change shoe stools to meet the storage

Regardless of the size of the space, it depends on the need for entrance storage and the need for space

▲ If there are few people living or there are not so many storage needs, in fact, a shoe changing stool and a coat rack can meet the storage of the door

▲A high-value shoe changing stool can meet the basic entrance storage, and the simple hanging hook above meets the hanging of the key to the door bag clothes

▲The simple shelf type shoe changing stool can meet the use of families with few occupants and solve the problem of unable to layout shoe cabinets

▲The left hand of the hallway adopts a finished shoe cabinet, which can also meet the basic storage of the door

▲If enough, the finished shoe cabinet is visually lighter, so that the entrance space will not look depressing

▲Finished shoe changing stool shoe cabinet, full-length mirror layout, simple clothes hook, more flexible vision, and the small space of the door can perfectly realize basic storage

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