Women over 40 years old will wear skirts more elegantly for the New Year, and Japanese women’s pleated skirts are worth learning

How to find a sense of fashion in the cold winter is the most troublesome problem for many girls who love beauty. Clothing is often linked to temperature, and light skirts are a little out of place in winter, but women who really wear skirts know how to take temperature and demeanor at the same time, and wearing skirts in winter will be more temperamental.

Women over the age of 40, will wear skirts at the New Year will be more elegant, especially pleated skirts, elegant and flexible, Japanese women love to wear, their outfits are also worth learning, simple and generous temperament. So in this issue, Sister Cat will talk about those pleated skirts in the daily miscellaneous, let’s take a look together~

What kind of pleated skirt is suitable for a 40 year old woman?

(1): Long skirts are more elegant than short skirts

A 40-year-old woman has a certain sense of age in middle age, and there are some limitations in dressing. If you want to show your temperament, it is recommended to choose a long skirt, dignified and elegant is more suitable for mature women, easy and outstanding, and it is more suitable to keep warm with plush leggings.

The skirt is divided by the knee, and the one that passes the knee belongs to the long skirt, and the knee is generally classified as a short skirt. The pleated skirt of the shorts tends to show more of the skin of the legs, vibrant and light, and even has a preppy girly feeling, and mature women are easy to wear a sense of discord.

(2): Simple style is more versatile

Pleated skirts also come in a variety of designs, and prints or tulle embellishments can make pleated skirts present a richer visual effect. The pleated skirt itself already has dense creases, and there is a risk of showing fancy when combined with various designs at this time. Not only is it difficult to control, but also pay attention to avoid collisions with other elements and designs.

It is better to choose a simple solid color pleated skirt to highlight the simple and generous temperament, and there is no worry when matching. The simplicity of the solid color alone and the dense creases of the skirt can create a flowy, flexible atmosphere.

(3): Fine creases and A-line shapes define the leg line

We should not only consider fashion expression when dressing, but also modify the figure by collocation. The unique feature of the pleated skirt is the crease, which not only enhances the fashion effect but also shows the temperament, neatly arranged and has a sense of regularity. The thin and dense crease can also extend the body line vertically, showing thinness and leg length.

But in fact, the creases of pleated skirts are also wide and narrow, only thin creases have the effect of thinning, and the wider crease modification effect is not so obvious. Then when choosing, it is recommended that you give preference to fine creased pleated skirts.

Different versions of pleated skirts also have different body-defining effects. There is one fit that any body shape can handle, and that is the A-line fit pleated skirt. The treatment gradually widens from the waist to the skirt to accentuate the slenderness of the waist and define the hips and legs.

Whether it is thick legs, unstraight legs, or a pear-shaped body with large hips and wide hips, choose an A-line skirt can be decorated. Combined with the fine crease to lengthen the leg line vertically, the slimming effect is multiplied.

A pleated skirt for a 40-year-old woman

01: Mix and match coats, the fashion effect is richer

The skirt has a strong femininity, and the pleated long skirt is synonymous with elegance and gentleness, which can be combined with a coat with a tough feeling such as a coat. The combination of femininity and chic atmosphere makes the winter look more rich and three-dimensional.

Especially for women of 40+, although they have lost their youth, they have experienced the precipitation after the years, and their temperament will become more elegant. Directly follow this combination to fully highlight the high-end temperament.

02: The color scheme uses the same color to create a minimalist and high-end style

When matching pleated skirts, you need to consider the issue of color matching with other items, and the color matching of daily miscellaneous products is mainly simple and generous. The color matching of the same color is the most direct expression of simplicity, further improving the temperament. For example, a black pleated skirt with a black turtleneck and coat, the minimalist style is high-end enough.

The shape is completely the same color, and only one color will inevitably have the risk of monotony. It is recommended not to be completely consistent in the choice of tone, khaki pleated skirt with a slightly darker coffee coat, and lighter turtleneck undershirts, the color will not look monotonous.

03: Matching with boots can enhance the aura

In addition to clothing, shoes are also an important part of styling. Winter boots not only keep warm, but also add a retro atmosphere, and 40-year-old mature women wear pleated skirts with boots.

Wear boots with a long skirt to avoid dragging. Therefore, it is recommended that boots should preferably choose ankle boots, and skirts should be knee-length but not anxile length to avoid dragging.

Well, the content of this issue about pleated skirts is introduced here, why should 40-year-old women choose to wear pleated skirts, after reading this set of daily miscellaneous outfits, you will know, very age-reducing ~

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