Takeaway orders on cooling days increased by 50% Fleece underwear and storm jackets have become the standard for takeaway brothers

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“The weather is cold, the late peak season has finally arrived, and I can have 20 more orders a day.” A cotton liner on the plush underwear, and then a storm jacket, gloves, knee pads, the guy Zhu Mingli after 95 is ready to go. “Several hot pot orders, waiting to be delivered.”

One month away from delivering food in Hangzhou for 4 years, for Zhu Mingli, the delivery brother is a profession, “No industry can stop working because of the weather.” As long as the income is proportional to the effort, the heart is very satisfied. ”

Ele.me data shows that as the temperature gradually decreases, the order volume of seasonal catering orders such as hot pot and soup porridge on the platform continues to rise, and orders for hot pot ingredients this week have also increased by more than 50% compared with last week.

Zhu Mingli’s hometown is in Lu’an, Anhui. 4 years ago, he started as a part-time rider and has now grown into the captain of the third team of Xixi Beiyuan in Hummingbird Crowdsourcing Yuhang District. He told reporters that this winter came a little late, and the weather was cold in late November in previous years.

His commercial area has CBD and residences, so orders on weekdays and weekends are relatively stable, mainly depending on the weather. “Summer and winter are the peak takeaway season, now everyone can earn 100 yuan more a day than before, it’s cold, everyone doesn’t want to go out, love hot pot.”

In order to send everyone a warm mouth, the hard work of the little brothers outdoors is naturally undoubted. Fortunately, now under the care of the whole society, many large businesses have opened post station functions. Zhu Mingli said that after the busy noon peak, everyone can go in to rest, recharge and drink a cup of hot water. There are additional discounts on rider meals.

“As early as November, the platform distributed us cold protection materials, including handlebar covers, knee pads, and neck scarves. It’s not cold when running, so we generally don’t wear much. ”

Zhu Mingli said that there were 26 riders in the squad, and everyone’s standard equipment was a three-piece set of plush underwear, cotton liner and storm jacket, wearing gloves with half a finger, and a pair of plush shoes on their feet.

“Hangzhou is a little more rainy, compared with our hometown, it is not cold. I’ve never heard of anyone warming babies, it’s not that exaggerated! ”

Some netizens once discussed, should bad weather call for not ordering takeaway?

In the eyes of veteran riders like Zhu Mingli, unless there is an extreme typhoon day, there is not much difference in other weather deliveries, the only difference may be to change a few more batteries.

“Rest assured, the platform will increase our delivery time, after all, we are specialized in the transportation service industry.”

According to reports, in addition to catering, Ele.me data shows that orders for cold protection supplies have risen sharply, including warm babies, cold masks, as well as quilt blankets, gloves and other goods, which increased by more than 300% compared with last week. Outdoor sports goods such as helmets and storm jackets increased by more than 110%. In addition, superimposed on festive factors, the number of orders for flowers and chocolates increased significantly.

In terms of knight protection, platforms have also made efforts.

This winter, Ele.me invested tens of millions of yuan to distribute nearly one million pieces of cold-proof materials to Blue Knights across the country, including windproof knee pads, handlebar gloves, and neck bibs. At present, all the cold protection materials have been distributed.

In order to ensure the safety of delivery, the platform will send weather reminders and precautions to riders in advance. In addition, flexible delivery time is matched in bad weather scenarios, and the delivery scope is appropriately reduced according to weather conditions, and abnormal assessments such as timeout and bad reviews are eliminated.

The difficulty of winter delivery has increased, and the platform has also increased the subsidy for running orders. In addition to the special weather such as rain and snow, strong wind, cold wave, etc., each order subsidy will be issued, and there will be regular running order incentive activities, and year-end rewards will be provided at the end of the year.

Ele.me also cooperated with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and merchants across the country to establish the Blue Knight Station, providing rest space, mobile phone charging, hot drinks, preferential meals and other benefits. Knights can directly find the nearest Knight Station through the online order receiving app. At present, the station has been opened to all outdoor workers.

The relevant person in charge of Meituan Takeaway told reporters that Meituan Takeaway launched this year’s winter care initiative in November, investing 1.6 billion yuan in subsidies for riders in low temperature weather nationwide, so that riders who still stick to their posts can get more income.

In addition to subsidies, Meituan Takeaway distributed cold protection materials to all franchised riders and some crowdsourced riders in 153 cold cities across the country. It is understood that Meituan Takeaway fully investigated the needs of riders through riders’ sincere discussion meetings, questionnaires and other methods, and finally selected the windshield quilt, handlebar covers, leather knee pads, leather gloves, neck covers, thermos pots, mobile phone rain and snow covers and other equipment that riders need most in winter, and 1 million pieces of cold-proof materials cover all cold cities in the country.

In addition to winter subsidies and cold protection materials, Meituan Takeaway also replenishes winter medicines for the “1㎡ in the same boat” health service area at distribution sites across the country, including frostbite cream and cold medicine.

(Original title “Hot pot exploded!”) On cooling days, takeaway orders increased by 50% year-on-year. Editor: Wang Yichuan)

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