Up to 2850 yuan / unit! Zhongji brushed his face to open the door and pick up the cabinet, which is hot and selling

Face payment is a very popular new payment method now! Due to the face-brushing payment method of this senseless payment method,

Enable customers to generate more immediate purchases

, reduce the chance of abandoning the purchase because it is too troublesome to open the QR code to scan the code to pay.

Smart vending cabinet is the hottest unmanned retail equipment at present

Equipped with face brush payment, it is natural to add wings

Compared to traditional vending machines,

Brush your face to open the door and pick up the cabinet

The number of business transactions is as before

20%-30% improvement

Through the blessing of black technology such as visual recognition, fast and accurate can be achieved

Product identification, picking action recognition, etc

Zhongji brush face payment to open the door and pick up the cabinet is hot and selling!

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Scan the code to open the door and pick up the cabinet only


10.1 inch screen brush face open door self-pickup cabinet only


Brush the face to open the door cabinet

The maximum amount of subsidy can be refunded 2850 yuan per unit

(Subsidy is refunded by Cloud Number)

Equivalent to

For only 2349 yuan, you can get the original price of 5199 yuan

Zhongji super large capacity open door self-pickup cabinet

Compared with scanning the code to open the door cabinet

The shopping experience is better with a brush facet and a door-opening cabinet

The process is very simple,

Swipe your face to open the door, take the item and close the door

The system automatically settles, and even the step of scanning with the mobile phone is saved

The streamlined shopping process also allows everyone

Completely get rid of the dependence on mobile phones. You don’t need to bring a mobile phone to facilitate shopping.

For example, your mobile phone is out of battery, you have shopping needs, and you don’t bring cash,

Find Taichung Ji to open the door and pick up the cabinet to brush your face to buy things.

This was something that was unimaginable before, but the sci-fi dream has become a reality!

Pick-up locker question answering time


Is the safety of Zhongji Vision Cabinet high? Will there be under-deductions?

Zhongji door opening cabinet adopts wide-angle low illumination

1080P (high definition) dual-camera video throughout the retrieval process, extremely safe.

Dynamic vision can systematically identify non-friendly purchases and automatically deduct money, and the shopping is correctly identified

The accuracy rate is more than 99%.


If the door is opened and the camera is deliberately blocked to take away the goods, how will the system deduct and settle?

1. Merchants can be mobile-to-user

Non-friendly shopping behaviors are subject to the deduction amount setting

2. The system determines that the user has non-friendly shopping behavior

Make a charge in the order

3. If the user complains, the merchant can refund through the merchant background report management – > order management – > details after verification

▲ The user occludes the camera and takes away the product

▲ Screenshot of the order interface, ¥50 deducted for each of these two non-friendly shopping behaviors


How to deal with unfriendly behaviors such as abnormal orders, exchanging goods, and stealing food?

Including blocking the camera, unpacking, exchanging goods, etc., scanning the code to open the door for the following operations will be judged by the system

For non-friendly consumption, the payment will be automatically deducted from 1-300 yuan (between 1-300 yuan set by the merchant) and the cabinet door will be automatically locked

。 The background automatically sends abnormal messages to the operator, and only after the operator confirms the processing is completed, can the machine be unlocked and normal business resumed (to ensure the safety of goods).

▲ Users will bring their own drinks and exchange them with drinks in the door opening cabinet

▲ Screenshot of the background abnormal order interface, and automatically deduct ¥50 for this unfriendly behavior


If the account balance of the user scanning the code to open the door is insufficient, what should I do if the product is deducted?

In case the user’s balance is insufficient and the payment cannot be deducted after closing,

WeChat will automatically keep accounts

。 The next time he uses the self-pickup cabinet to scan the code, the system will automatically prompt that there is still an uncompleted order payment, and the door can only be opened after the manual repayment is successful.

If it is not returned for a long time, it will affect the user’s WeChat Pay points

, below 550 points,

The door opening cabinet will no longer be able to be used and will be affected accordingly


If the user opens the door and is shopping for goods, the machine suddenly loses power, how will the settlement be monitored?

Nakayoshi’s door opening cabinets

Equipped with a backup battery, it can be powered for 10-20 minutes

。 After the power is cut off, the machine will prompt the quick door closing system to automatically check out within one minute (the time merchant can adjust for 1-5 minutes).

▲ Zhongji open door self-pickup cabinet customer case

ALTHOUGH THE SMART VENDING CABINET IS UNATTENDED, THROUGH THE POWERFUL SMART SAAS CLOUD MANAGEMENT PLATFORM OF ZHONGJI, REAL-TIME DATA ANALYSIS CAN BE CARRIED OUT ON THE INTELLIGENT VENDING CABINET SALES. For example, invoicing, sales, logistics, marketing, etc., which allow operators to remotely determine whether they need to replenish goods and adjust the functions of goods on the shelves.

It has not only caused a change in everyone’s consumption view

It will also turn everyone’s living habits upside down

Place an order on National Day, priority delivery after the holiday!

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