The traditional stair handrail is so rustic! Now it is popular to use wooden fences, not to mention low cost, super high value

Finally know why everyone loves to use wooden fences as stair handrails, good looks and practical, if my home is decorated like this, I will not regret it!

❶ The material of solid wood makes it look natural and comfortable;

❷The gap in the middle is relatively narrow, which can block privacy, but does not block the spread of light, and can also create a visual beauty of alternating light and shadow when the sun shines into the home;

❸In addition, it is also practical for families with small children, and it is safer than ordinary handrails, so you will not fall down the stairs even if you accidentally fall.

If your home hasn’t been officially renovated, consider using it to create the ideal natural and comfortable home. Here are some real scenes to share with you:

(1) Each wooden bar on the fence is of different length, and it is installed along the shape of the stairs, and if the bottom of the stairs is empty, it can be made into a small leisure area.

(2) Some young friends may not like the design of the flow, if you want to be particularly personal, try to install the wooden fence at an angle of 45°.

(3) It is also very good to install the wooden fence to the top to the end, her house has enclosed a style similar to a patio, narrow cabinets or green plants can be placed in the middle, and a high-value staircase is formed.

(4) Extend the wooden board horizontally from the wooden fence as an office area, I already knew that this 1㎡ can be done, and I also make the ultimate use of the space under the stairs, what do I want an independent study, it’s not worth it!

(5) The wooden fence is both a handrail and a TV background wall.

The light TV cabinet can be hung directly on the wooden fence, and the bottom is suspended for easy cleaning.

(6) The wooden fence is installed with a rotation of 90 degrees, which has the effect of longitudinal extension, and is more suitable for short and narrow small houses in the aisle, which will make the home look very spacious.

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