Still struggling with how to choose the antifreeze of your car, old drivers choose so

Every day to know more about the car, is my original intention to take the car information, now will not deliberately check the engine water tank, because the car is in good condition, the sealing of the water tank is excellent, the liquid inside is generally not easy to volatilize or leak, and close to the scrap of the old car, it is not so particular, directly pouring water into the situation is more, whether it is a scrapped car is not recommended to do this, easy to hurt the car, imagine if you use ordinary tap water all year round, the water contains mineral components, It reacts with metal parts and forms scale that is difficult to remove, which is also a major killer of engine cooling systems. The formation of scale in the vehicle cooling system will affect the fluidity of the “cooling water” and is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the components. Over time, it will affect the normal operation of the vehicle’s cooling system.

Antifreeze composition

If you use a special antifreeze, there is no concern in this regard, it not only has anti-corrosion, but also generally uses distilled water in the production process, and adds waterproof scale additives, so the problem of scale The current antifreeze on the market from the convenience of use is roughly two categories, one is concentrate, need to be used with water. On the other hand, antifreeze does not need to be mixed with water when used.

So how to choose antifreeze

The function of the water-containing antifreeze used in the general car is to improve the boiling point of the cooling water, cool the engine, prevent the cooling system from rusting, and usually if the color of the liquid in the reservoir is visually reduced, it means that the time for replacement has come. For car owners, on the basis of choice, the most important thing to pay attention to is the freezing point logo on the package. How to choose the freezing point of antifreeze? It is recommended to refer to the minimum winter temperature in your actual place of residence, and then drop it by 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Of course, if it is not so cold in winter, then the choice of antifreeze needs to be determined according to the local weather conditions. In general, it is no problem to choose an antifreeze suitable for -30-40 ° C. Different cars will have different recommended replacement cycles for the original antifreeze, but most of them recommend that car owners replace vehicle antifreeze every 2 years, and some manufacturers show that their original antifreeze replacement cycle is 4 or 5 years. But in any case, in short, it must be replaced, which is nothing more than the length of the replacement cycle.

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