Monstera potted plants, growing a lot of messy “thin rope”, can you cut it?

The leaves are beautiful, the four seasons are verdant, and they can beautify the home environment and purify the air when placed indoors. Many flower friends who have raised monstera know that this plant in the process of maintenance, its stem will always grow a large number of air roots, some grow a lot, like a small rope, look a little messy, many people feel that it is useless, and affect the beauty, so simply use scissors to cut it all, only to find that after cutting, the plant growth is obviously affected. Let’s take a look at how to deal with the air roots grown by monstera, and how to raise monstera.

Under what circumstances monstera is prone to air roots

Monstera is a plant that is very easy to grow air roots, it is like a humid environment, when the ambient humidity is right, the plant is more likely to grow air roots, through air roots can also absorb certain nutrients. If the maintenance environment is relatively dry, the air roots will grow less, and the plant growth is also very average. So what is the use of these air roots grown by monstera, can it be cut off?

The air roots of monstera can not be cut off

Monstera leaves are large, the demand for water and nutrients is relatively large, when the root system in the soil alone can not meet the nutrient demand, when the ambient humidity is relatively large, a large number of air roots will germinate on the stem, and also through these air roots to breathe and absorb branch nutrients.

If these air roots that assist growth are pruned off, although it looks more beautiful, its root respiration is weakened, and the growth of the plant will definitely be affected. If the air roots do not grow too much and too messy, it is best not to go for excessive pruning, and the plant grows air roots, indicating that the growth is more luxuriant.

Of course, if the air roots grow more and are very messy, but properly prune, do not cut them all, simply do a thinning can be, so as not to affect the normal growth of the plant.

Cultivation with loose and fertile soil

Monstera likes loose soil rich in humus, want to raise it vigorously, must not use pure garden soil to raise, you can use the prepared nutrient soil, and then mixed with some particles with good water permeability and air permeability, you can also directly collect some humus soil, put it in the sun for two days, sterilization and disinfection treatment, and then add a small amount of river sand and cinder to use as cultivation soil, such soil is loose and breathable, sufficient nutrients, conducive to root growth, plant natural growth and luxuriant.

The humidity of the maintenance environment should be large

Monstera is very fond of a moist environment, and when the environment is too dry, the leaves are prone to wilt and look lifeless. If the maintenance environment at home is relatively dry, it is necessary to spray its leaves with clean water frequently, which can not only increase the humidity of the environment, but also make the leaves more dense and green.

Although monstera likes a humid environment, but can not be too diligent in watering, the potting soil is too wet for a long time, or after watering there is stagnant water, it is easy to cause stuffy roots, so that the root system rots, resulting in yellow leaves withering. Each time you water, you can wait until the potting soil is dry before watering, and you don’t need to water it too often.

Avoid direct sunlight

Raise monstera potted plants at home, it is best to put it in a place where strong light does not shine, this plant likes a semi-shaded environment, not tolerant to strong light, placed in the sun to maintain, the leaves are easy to be sunburned and wilted.

Monstera is afraid of strong light and cannot be exposed to the sun, especially when it is maintained in summer, it must not be allowed to see the sun. When maintaining in other seasons, it can be properly allowed to receive some weak scattered light to improve its photosynthesis, which can make the leaves more green and shiny.

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