Zhang Zifeng broke away from childishness, wearing a sequin down jacket spliced velor, and carrying a small satchel with a light and mature temperament

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In the cold winter, when girls wear coats, they will always be warm, and the winter coats are mainly based on the style of down jackets, because the style presented by down jackets is

Very monotonous


It’s more about showing

Practical performance, warm performance

。 There won’t be too much fancy style. In this situation, how do we wear down jackets

Sense of style

, you need some other pieces to match.

Zhang Zifeng down jacket matching to people

Novel and eye-catching

, and full of girlish temperament. If girls have extra wear for down jackets

Pairing skills

, then the matching inspiration of this article will definitely make you guys


First, how to enhance the sense of fashion in outerwear

1. The high-end feeling of down jacket wearing

How to make a down jacket become instantaneous

Stylish and personal

。 Then the fastest way is to choose the style of splicing, but the splicing may be too much for down jackets

Bloated style.

Because it has a down jacket itself

Three-dimensional swelling feeling

, if we match the elements of other fabrics, it is likely to be inconsistent with the overall image and temperament.

But if we choose the splicing method, we should choose a more versatile one

Color-block design

。 In terms of color matching and selection, we have to choose gradient color or

Different shades

The color of the stitching.

2. The use of color blocking

The first thing that comes to mind about color-blocking girls is

contrast and contrasting colors,

This color combination is very attractive to it. But if the girl is not very sensitive to color.

If we blindly collide, it is easy to appear

Greasy, messy and cumbersome


It is not that people who do not have a certain understanding of color can say goodbye to contrasting colors and contrasting colors, in which case we use the depth of color to shape

Layered style.

Most of these different shades of color are in light and dark colors

Cooperate with each other

, the colors are all the same color matching. That’s what we often say

The use of gradient colors

This makes people’s attraction and visual experience of line shaping more important, and improves it more effectively

A temperament of the overall style.

Although the combination of gradients is


, but we don’t use too much in the design of the splicing, because the style of the down jacket itself is

Very inflated

If we increase

Too many elements

There is also the design that may make the overall style change

It’s even heavier.

In this state, we have to choose

Small details

To splice and match, this is a more reflective one

Sense of premium.

3. The choice of color blocking method

Zhang Zifeng broke away from childishness and wore a sequin down jacket

Spliced velor

, carrying a small satchel quite well

Light mature temperament

。 The little fairies can choose to add some on the shoulders on the top of the color blocking

Color-block design.

For example, the overall down jacket we are to

Blue is predominant

Hue, then in

At the shoulders

, we can choose a dark blue striped style to match.

This striped style also effectively lines the upper body visually

Grooming and shaping

。 Make the overall image even more

There is momentum.

If girls want to highlight this style, then we can also improve the fabric, but only at the shoulders

Striped shape

, we can choose to bring with

Plush texture

The stripe shape.

Why plush color-block styles are only partial. That’s because of this

of the fabric, its

Expansive style and three-dimensionality

will instantly make a certain protrusion at the shoulder.

This plush texture

Striped style

, also invisibly in terms of style and design, increased


The style of the down jacket is more prominent

4. The choice of long and short down jackets

Zhang Zifeng is also more mature than others, spliced down jacket with casual pants, and rainbow socks are very beautiful. On the matching of down jackets, if the girl chooses

Short down jacket,

Then we must choose the style of the classic basic style to match

Down jacket.

Because itself if we choose with our upper body

Or add some

Unique fabrics

To match, then our other half of the matching, in order to maintain a sense of balance of the overall image, to choose a solid color

Basic style

More often than not, we can choose

Casual and stylish

of pants to match.

On top of the pants if wanted

More fancy

, then we can make a certain matching on the socks. Choose rainbow-style socks to add to the overall one

Personality style

, because socks and down jackets are certain to have

Sense of space, distance

In the distance of space, we choose

Solid color pants

Together, it does not create a sense of visual conflict. On the contrary, it will make people show a high-class style at the same time

Unique temperament.

Second, the fashion sense of the coat is shared

1. Teddy coat

Among the most popular outerwear clothing at present, there is a call

Teddy-style coat

Very popular, but teddy coats though

Very stylish,

But its style and style are not accessible to everyone.

Cuties must pay attention to one point when dressing, because the fabric of their coat is with a certain amount

Feeling of bloat

, so when wearing on the body, it also highlights the sense of expansion and fat style, if it is a slightly fat girl, try to avoid this style of matching.

But if it is


Or is it


of girls, choose the style of dressing outside the teddy. There will be a cute love

Sweet temperament.

For fluorescent girls, they will always stay away, not only the color is compared

Flashy jumps

Yes, also because fluorescent color for most girls’ skin color is

Not friendly

That’s not to say that fluorescent clothing can’t be matched.

Just add some

Colors for transitions

That’s it, and then cooperate

Sporty style

The coat easily gets fluorescent color

Stylish style.


Sense of style

This makes people’s attraction and visual experience of line shaping more important, and improves it more effectively

A temperament of the overall style.

Color-block design.

Plush texture

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