Women are pleasing to themselves! 38 pounds of “porcelain doll” married to a man with double eyelids cut for his wife

She is 36 years old, he is 38 years old, she is a “porcelain doll”, once sneezed will shock a fracture, doctors also gave her the conclusion that “she will not live to be 15 years old”. , he is a sound person and does not dislike her, the two got acquainted because of the Internet, and after half a year of dating, the two hearts were close together, achieving a good marriage. She is Kong Lingli, and he is Zhang Yunguo. The picture shows Zhang Yunguo holding his beloved wife Kong Lingli playing on the street.


Kong Lingli said: Since childhood, the family conditions are not good, and he will shock and fracture when he sneezes since he was a child, that is, the “porcelain doll” doctor who often says that he will not live more than 15 years old, but he does not believe in fate. Kong Lingli, who grew up slowly, wanted to do some sharing for her parents, so she learned to embroider cross stitch, she couldn’t sit for a long time, she practiced on her stomach, and her first cross stitch was sold for 200 yuan in 2005, she was very happy. The picture shows Zhang Yunguo holding his beloved wife Kong Lingli playing on the street.


Later, Kong Lingli used the money from selling cross-stitch to buy an old mobile phone and learned to chat online to meet many netizens. Until 2016, Kong Lingli came into contact with live broadcasting and began to do live broadcasting. On June 15, 2017, during her live broadcast, fans said that she would marry her, and she never expected to find her own happiness. Kong Lingli said: Among his fans, Zhang Yunguo is the first person to say that he likes himself, Zhang Yunguo is a sound person, a very good person, he doesn’t want to drag him down or refused. The picture shows Zhang Yunguo finding clothes for Kong Lingli to wear.


Zhang Yunguo often went to Kong Lingli’s live broadcast room, and once traveled thousands of miles to visit Kong Lingli, but Kong Lingli did not see him, and when Kong Lingli celebrated his birthday, Zhang Yunguo went to visit Kong Lingli again. Under the persuasion of their families, the two met. The two dated for about half a year and received a marriage certificate on December 12, 2017.

The woman is a pleasing person, and after marriage, Kong Lingli is full of confidence in love, in order to bring more beauty to her husband, she specially went to a plastic surgery agency to have double eyelids. Now my eyes are much bigger and much more beautiful. For his wife’s dedication, her husband Zhang Yunguo was very moved. Zhang Yunguo said: Although Li Li is physically disabled, she still helps others in the way she can, she is a kind, intelligent and enthusiastic good woman, and I want to take care of her and love her all my life. The picture shows Kong Lingli cutting his eyelids.


Now 36-year-old Kong Lingli is 75 centimeters tall and weighs 38 pounds, she has reaped love after experiencing many hardships and ups and downs, and the two have a happy life after marriage, the picture shows Kong Lingli’s cross stitch.

A few days ago, the two lived in a steel-structured rental house in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and 38-year-old Zhang Yunguo carefully told his wife Kong Lingli, who was lying on the bed, when he went out to “carry work”: when looking at the mobile phone, you must peel off the power plug, drink more water when it is hot, and so on. Full of love for his wife. The two of them live happily!

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