BMW new M suite released!Titanium alloy exhaust, exercise suspension, carbon fiber usage upgrade

Recently, BMW announces the new M3 and M4 to launch three sets of different m performance parts, one of which is the exhaust system that is dedicated to the M Performance Parts Suite, and the full range of exhaust is created by titanium alloy, and is equipped with valveThe control system is used in the middle of the four-range exhaust layout. It is reported that the exhaust system will also be applied to the M4 GTS.


The second is that the M performs movement suspension system, which allows the owner to adjust the height of the vehicle body except enough side support.The third of the focus is the upgrade of the wheel, the brake system, the BMW provides 19, 20 and 21 inch hub, and there are three kinds of freezing gold, spray black and freezing gun ash, and the brake system has adopted a newSport brake pads and carbon brakes, there are shorter braking distances and better response characteristics.In addition, attachments such as intake grilles, tail, side skirts, and M perform, carbon fiber, and Alcantara accessories, including carbon fiber materials.

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