“Coat + these 4 cashmere sweaters” is so beautiful! Middle-aged mothers should wear it like this, elegant and age-reduced

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Born from the heart, the situation changes with the heart. In fact, women have their own beauty at every stage. The 20s are the beauty of youth, the 30s are the beauty of elegance and peace, the 40s are the beauty of wisdom and elegance, and the 50s are the beauty of tranquility and tolerance. Beauty is what we cultivate and pursue all our lives, and being such a woman is destined to be more beautiful than others.

When a woman smiles with her eyes, she feels small happiness with her heart. A woman’s smile is the best cosmetics, beautiful herself, but also infect the people around her. Today, let’s talk about it

Middle-aged woman coat matching


1. Tweed coat + crewneck cashmere sweater

In autumn and winter, the coat should be one of the coats that women of any age often wear, it is the most versatile and durable with simple solid color styles, and the difficulty of wearing is very low. Layering different inner styles inside the coat will produce different wearing effects, among which the crewneck cashmere sweater is the simplest and most comfortable choice, and the classic round neck has soft curves, especially in line with the elegant and mature temperament of middle-aged women.

This off-white tweed coat has a neat and generous design, and the off-white clothing color scheme can naturally set off the fair and lustrous texture of the middle-aged woman’s facial skin. Wear it with a dark gray crewneck cashmere sweater in a gray tweed coat, and although the exposed dark gray crewneck cashmere sweater is not large, it reduces the brightness of the gray and white tweed coat, enriches the style level of middle-aged women, and is intellectually dignified and very advanced.

2. Tweed coat + turtleneck cashmere sweater

Turtleneck cashmere sweaters are perfect for pairing with tweed coats in autumn, and the two have similar clothing styles that can produce a very harmonious outfit. Many tweed coats use a low-neck shape, so wearing it with a turtleneck cashmere sweater can just make up for the shortcomings of the low-necked coat, and the neckline of the turtleneck cashmere sweater can fit the neck curve of a middle-aged woman, showing the slender neck and the delicate and small shape of the face.

For example, this brown tweed coat, the style presents a strong sense of design, and the checked material fabric is spliced on the inside of the tweed coat, which has a very good decorative effect. In the brown tweed coat with a white turtleneck, the addition of a white turtleneck makes the middle-aged woman’s coat wear more colorful, and the design of the high neck is comfortable and warm, which perfectly meets the middle-aged woman’s pursuit of wearing comfort.

3. Tweed coat + half-turtleneck cashmere sweater

The cashmere sweater with a half-turtleneck design is more comfortable to wear than the turtleneck cashmere sweater, and the half-turtleneck collar shape can not only modify our neck line, but also do not produce a sense of restraint in wearing. Like this pink half-turtleneck cashmere sweater, the pink clothing color scheme is very suitable for the ruddy face of a middle-aged woman. The lower body is paired with khaki brown trousers, and the outfit is simple and neat and gentle and decent.

This white lapel tweed coat with black half-turtleneck cashmere sweater looks fresh and stable, white lapel tweed coat belongs to a more classic solid color design, and the double-breasted buttons on the body have a good decorative effect. It is paired with a black half-turtleneck cashmere sweater, which effectively reduces the brightness of the white tweed coat and plays a very good role in setting off, so that the combination of light and dark is visually balanced and coordinated.

Black half-turtleneck cashmere sweater is the most versatile style choice, in the wearing of black half-turtleneck cashmere sweater is very suitable for our facial skin color, its loose fit design for middle-aged women’s body is also particularly inclusive, comfortable and unrestrained, and can play a very good visual slimming effect, will not expose our body shortcomings.

4. Tweed coat + V-neck cashmere sweater

V-neck cashmere sweater in the style design can create an intellectual and gentle wearing beauty, its V-neck design is the biggest advantage, can effectively lengthen the neck line of middle-aged women, modify our face shape. If middle-aged women are worried that the V-neck shape is not so warm to wear, we can match a silk scarf on the basis of the V-neck cashmere sweater, effectively enriching our style layer, giving people a very delicate and noble style texture.

“Coat + these 4 cashmere sweaters” is so beautiful! Middle-aged mothers should wear it like this, elegant and age-reduced

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