Stay at home for 30 days! Test 10 computer efficient software, you can easily work from home

Software Testimonials (Issue 32)

Affected by the epidemic, many friends have been forced to work from home, and I have also been isolated at home for 30 days, and I have not been idle during this time, and I personally tested 10 computer efficient software, so that you can easily work at home.

01. Desktop organization


After using the computer for a long time, you will find that the desktop is stuffed with various software and file icons, and you have to find a software for half a day. And this desktop organizer can help you organize your desktop software.

Right-click on the desktop and select “One-click Desktop Organize”, you can automatically classify all the files on the desktop and store them in the square.

At the same time, the software supports custom square size and icon display, which can be set according to your own needs, making the square more beautiful and convenient to use.

02. One-key remote control


Working next door from home, there is a problem at work, and it is not convenient to communicate with colleagues, in fact, to solve this problem, you can use a key remote control. It supports remote control and file transfer between computers, which can help you solve the problem of forgetting to copy files.

The operation is also very simple, just enter the verification code on the colleague’s computer, you can control it remotely, you can operate the presentation in real time, and you can quickly transfer the file to the colleague’s computer. The whole process does not have any delay, lag, drop, flashback, etc., and the operation is smooth.



This is a Windows file preview tool, no need to open the file, just press the space, you can preview music, videos, compressed packages, etc., press ESC to exit.

At present, Seer supports many formats: PSD files, pictures, music, videos, ZIP, RAR archives, text files, json, XML, PDF, MS Office, Markdown, etc.

04.Wise Hotkey


For many keyboard parties, any operation that can be done with the keyboard absolutely does not need a mouse, this launcher supports quick launch software, folders, URLs, document content, after setting up through custom shortcut keys can be quickly started, greatly improving the efficiency of using the computer.

05.Ant Renamer


If you encounter a lot of files that need to be renamed, do you do it one by one? In fact, with this gadget, you can rename files in batches, which is very efficient!

As long as you add the file to the software, and then choose the replacement text, insert text, modify the extension and other operations according to your needs, set it to batch processing, you can modify the file name in batches.

06. Swift picture converter


This is a special tool for picture processing, supporting crop editing, color grading, filters, text, painting and other picture editing functions, while the software also built-in automatic cutout, watermark removal and other practical functions, daily encounter with a variety of picture problems can be solved.

The software supports the format conversion function, whether it is a heic photo of an iOS device or a RAW photo of a camera device, it can be easily converted to our commonly used types. And support batch processing, multiple pictures can be converted, cropped, and other processing operations at the same time.

In addition, there are special effects editing functions such as photo to comic, gender change, face change, and dress-up, and each function contains a different style, and the effect is very good!

07.Share X


Everyone will take screenshots, although there are many easy-to-use screenshot tools, but from screenshots to processing screenshots, you need to upload from one screenshot software to another image processing software, which increases the work content and affects efficiency.

Share X supports both screenshots and processing screenshots, as well as basic functions such as multi-area screenshots, watermark adding, image parameter adjustment, annotation, and mosaic.

Of course, its killer feature is “creating automated workflows”, that is, entering multiple steps, and only one shortcut key is needed to complete the image processing operation of multiple steps next time.



I believe that many people do not accept Microsoft’s built-in compression function, pop-up ads every time they open and their impact experience, and the interface is similar to PC software 10 years ago.

This ad-free and unbundled compression tool is currently the most popular compression and decompression software on the whole network, with a simple interface and super fast decompression speed.

09. Little dinosaur typesetting assistant


This is a free and professional Word document typesetting plugin, which is embedded in Word software after downloading and installing, and it is the same as that comes with Word. As shown in the image:

It can help us quickly set the page layout, common text formatting, layout, official document page number, etc., and support quick typesetting of text.

It can also clear spaces, blank lines, header lines, document encryption, and more with one click. Although it is mainly oriented to official document typesetting, in fact, Word typesetting work of thesis report can be used.

10. Firefly sauce


When it comes to search tools, I naturally think of Everything, which, while also excellent, is not as functional as Firefly, is not only completely free, but also doesn’t have any ads. Support quickly find files on the computer, open applications, and jump directly to the URL.

The most beautiful tail:

The above is what I shared today, if you find it useful, remember to like me and tell me, I will continue to share more high-quality content.

Stay at home for 30 days! Test 10 computer productivity software to make it easy to work from home, so put them into your computer.

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