Mr. Fu Haihua of Guangzhou Shuishang Cosmetics was a guest on CCTV “Struggle”

Fu Haihua was born in 1986 in the countryside of Jiaoling County, Meizhou, Guangdong, which is the seventh “World Longevity Township” in the world and the fourth “World Longevity Township” in China.

Like most post-80s, Fu Haihua grew up in groups with his friends when he was a child, playing together and growing up, and it was this growth environment that made him develop a more independent personality. At the same time, Fu Haihua is the child king of children, which also played a big role in his later entrepreneurship.

Many post-80s children grew up with game consoles and Internet cafes, and Fu Haihua is no exception. In 1998, he began to contact computers and the Internet, but at that time it was to play games, behind the back of his parents, and often went to Internet cafes with his classmates.

The road to entrepreneurship

In 2005, Fu Haihua was admitted to Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, majoring in economic statistics.

While in college, Fu Haihua first came into contact with e-commerce. At that time, he was a club cadre of the school, often participated in school activities, and the telephone bill was very large, but his monthly living expenses were only 500 yuan, and how to charge the phone bill more economically was a question he had been thinking about for a long time. Later, under the introduction of a classmate, Fu Haihua saw that the online Taobao store had a phone bill card for sale, and he could also directly help me charge my mobile phone bill, and more importantly, 100 yuan phone bill, Taobao only sold 98 yuan. This is several dollars cheaper than the phone card on the street, 100 yuan to sell for 103 yuan, which is almost the money for a meal, so Fu Haihua immediately chose to recharge the mobile phone bill at the Taobao store.

In the winter of 2006, Fu converted his Taobao buyer account into a seller account.

At that time, he registered a private store on Taobao for free to help people top up mobile phone bills and Q coins. At the beginning, because I was afraid that no one would buy it, I could only buy it in small quantities, often buying a recharge card with a face value of 100 yuan at a unit price of 98.8 yuan, selling it at 99 yuan, and earning 0.2 yuan for each one sold. It’s hard work and doesn’t make much money.

In 2009, Fu Haihua graduated and successfully entered Guangzhou Communications Group.

In 2010, he left his job and went to sea. At that time, many relatives and friends did not understand, and thought it was incredible, how can you say give up if you give up a promising job in a state-owned enterprise? His parents disagreed. Fu Haihua said: “I’m still young, even if I fail, I can start again…” It is because of this persistence that today’s “Water Shang” has emerged.

Guangzhou Shuishang cosmetics

In 2011, Fu Haihua started a full-time Taobao business. He has sold clothes, shoes, socks, bags, accessories, health care products; Finally locked in cosmetics.

In 2012, Fu Haihua strengthened his determination to be his own brand and founded his own brand “Shuishang”. “Water” – water-based; “Shang” – Shang with makeup.

In 2013, the “Shuishang” brand achieved more than 10 million performance.

In 2014, the performance of the “Shuishang” brand has risen to more than 70 million, ranking first in Taobao’s BB cream category!

There are three main reasons why Shuishang can stand out among many cosmetic brands:

Tianshi: In the past decade, Tmall has risen rapidly and developed particularly fast, and Taobao resources tend to Tmall. In addition, the post-nineties, as an emerging consumer group, have greatly stimulated the prosperity of the cosmetics industry.

Location: Shuishang’s production base is in Guangzhou, Guangzhou is a paradise for cosmetics, from raw materials to production to packaging, the development is quite mature.

Ren: It’s the team, he said, “Thank you to every member of my team for their dedication to the company.” They are the toughest, most united team I’ve ever met…”

Fu Haihua often said: “I really have to thank this era, thank Jack Ma, thank you to the Internet… Without Jack Ma, there would be no us…” Although everyone has heard this sentence a lot, entrepreneurs like him who have experienced it should be said that they have the deepest feelings.

“The harder you work, the luckier you are”, this is Fu Haihua’s motto. From the first day of his business, he was prepared to face every day, difficulties and failures, not successes; He believes that only by maintaining an optimistic attitude and fighting spirit, success is inevitable.

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