“Lace skirt + coat” is worn in spring, beauty and warmth can be both

There should be no girl who doesn’t like it

Lace dress

But lace dresses are quite difficult to wear, and the biggest pit may be that they will look


Or too







It is not very suitable for the occasion to wear it alone, and it is easy to gain a strange eye, no


Nor is it


Wear it to participate


, if you are not careful, it will show a thick color

Nightclub style


Sense of premium

So if you want a lace dress to be suitable for many occasions, add pieces


It’s a better one

Balance lace is too feminine


Of the many spring seasonal coats, the ones I recommend the most are the following


Kind, versatile and not wrong.

1. Leather jacket + lace dress

The combination of black leather jacket and lace dress, although the most “different” in style, is the most effective overall


Most recognizable

The combination of the goddess, the goddess of coldness

Han Xue

The effect of wearing the body is the best proof of this.

Gothic presentation has both effects





of lace fabric and


of leather fabric

Blend in with each other

Complement each other

, beautiful value bursting.

There is one caveat, though, as lace dresses come with them

Dashing and effortless effect

, The unrestrained and lightweight skirt has no fixed shape, so the fit of the leather jacket is not easy to be too excessive

Personality is pompous

It is best to match it with the most regular leather clothing style to minimize it

Fabric panels

and unnecessary

Metal accessories

appears, presents the best results in the most minimalist state, simple and generous.

2. Denim jacket + lace dress

The denim jacket is paired with a lace skirt, which has the feeling that a child steals adult clothes and goes out,

Young and fanciful

, atmospheric and high-class.

To match the lace skirt



, street-style denim jackets also have a new way of presentation, and



The combined denim body echoes the dress from the shape, and the integrity is strong.

In the choice of denim jacket, whether you choose to match it with embroidery elements or printed elements,

Body length

You have to be exquisite. If you choose a pleated mop lace skirt with a large skirt, a denim jacket is a must

Small but delicate

, but if you choose a slightly slim lace skirt, the bodice of a denim jacket can be

Silhouette over hips


3. Suit + lace skirt

Matching suits and lace skirts can be satisfied to the greatest extent

Demand, formal with casual, neutralized suits

Grandiose and rigorous

, practicality continues to increase.

The lace skirt that goes with the suit is like a student meeting a teacher,

A second to behave

The effect is very comforting, which also provides a little cutie who does not like it but has to wear a lace dress



Sexy and handsome

, inclusive.

In the combination of suit and lace skirt, it is also very humane, like it

Simple style

If you wear it, you can choose

Same color

Match, like

Earn a return rate

Yes, you can choose



Recently this kind

Wear a suit naked

Lace skirt

I don’t know if I know the new way to wear,

Deep V-neck

The suit can’t see the lining clearly in the way of dressing, and the sexiness of the lace skirt is in a different way

Be a supporter

, a combination of the two,

Double the sexiness

4. Windbreaker + lace dress

Trench coat with lace long skirt is the most from the presentation effect


The most

Elegant temperament

A dress, mop skirt and mop hem temperament match, like

Long pieces

of girls must have one piece.

In the choice to match with a lace skirt


, need to remember

snake eyes


The color must be basic

The least error-prone and versatile is the earth color.

The second point is

The length of the trench coat should be moderate

, according to normal aesthetics, the longer the hem length, the better the overall effect, girls below 160, it is recommended to choose the body

The length of the knee up and down

, too long will suppress height, too short will destroy the tacit understanding with the lace skirt.

Goes with a trench coat

In terms of selection, there are also several points to pay attention to, first of all

Skirt type

, In order to make a more competent lined dress, the skirt style of the lace skirt is the best choice

Slim fit

The design is restrained and has the taste of a little woman.

Secondly, the lace skirt skirt should preferably have a clear definition

Waist line design

, whether it’s another pairing

Metal buckle belt

Or bring it yourself

Lace-up waistband

, as long as it can be played

Raise the waist line and define the waist

The effect is OK!

In addition, everyone must pay attention to the collar of the lace skirt

Reality matches

, decent


It doesn’t match a lace skirt

A thousand flavors

, but too exposed

Deep V

Lace skirts, which will make people think that you are

Bar regulars

, it is easy to affect the image.

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