When high heels set off a national trend, this pair of “hot” with super high appearance on the feet is the perfect spokesperson

“Hot” this year’s new heels are really great! It’s very good-looking, and it’s very easy to wear. First of all, its fabric material is suede, the shape style, the overall can be roughly summarized as the front is slightly narrow! It is recommended that girls with fat forefeet buy a size larger. In terms of comfort, the heel is very stable, a little shorter than expected.

This series of “hot” shoes is very beautiful, more beautiful than the pictures, believe me, very comfortable, wearing many brands of high heels I do not feel tired after this pair of high heels. It is also the most cost-effective shoe, the size is very suitable, no foot clamping and no dragging, the heel height is also comfortable, and it is very good to wear at work.

Wearing it is the intellectual little woman herself, and she was praised by the children of her colleagues’ family for her beauty. Usually I can’t walk much in high heels, this one wears for a day, the time is relatively long, and I have walked a lot, only the back heel has a grinding foot, which is rare for high heels. It’s white and easy to wear!

After all, they focus on “social women’s shoes”, so in terms of design, this pair of high heels is not limited to the scope of classic models! It can be called “showy”, as I mentioned above, unique and beautiful heels that also take into account comfort.

In addition, I also tried a pair of the same design in addition to the series that is different from the height, the comfort of the shoes is okay, and it was relatively narrow when I wore it a few days ago, so I grinded my feet a little, and I got used to it after a few days. But when the shoes walk, there is a sound, the sound of the heel rubbing against the ground, stepping on the tile, it’s quite embarrassing, but the high heels are basically like this. After a while, replace the studs on the heel to see if it will be better.

Pointed-toe heels are characterized by being very feminine, black is a sexy spokesperson, and choosing the combination of the two is already doomed to you will no longer be an ordinary woman, but a new era trend woman with temperament and taste! So sisters who want to experience the feeling of high heels can try to match them and see if they will change accordingly!

Women should make themselves beautiful, not to please others, simply to please themselves! So don’t care about other people’s eyes, put on your favorite high heels, and meet the person you miss the most. Maybe on some street corner, he’s waiting for you.

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