This summer of 2022, I will wear a “light wedding dress” and travel to get married

Every girl has a beautiful plot for the wedding dress, leave the wedding dress as a memorial or witness the moment when you go to the palace of happiness in advance, you don’t have to wait until the wedding day, the light wedding dress can meet your requirements, travel photography, engagement, daily all hold.

First love style light wedding dress

Lace waist dress:

A heavy wedding dress in the hot summer may feel a little complicated and cumbersome, you may wish to consider a light wedding dress, both light and hazy feel like a main yarn, this lace dress gives people the beauty of first love, fashionable and spontaneous you will like.

Mori light wedding dress

Vintage Heavy Industry Light Wedding Dress:

A light wedding dress originally designed by Jasmine and Fusu, it has a nice name: silver skeleton gold powder, made of lace heavy industry, but it is a short-sleeved design, although there are no bumpy curves, but it has a more primitive charm of the forest system.

French girly light wedding dress

First love lace dress:

Wearing a white gauze skirt, humming a little tune, and shuttling freely through the world, who doesn’t like such a snow-white elf? From unadorned lines to layers of lace-layered skirts, the smart gestures of travel photography come to life with elegant steps.

Lingge light wedding dress

Handmade beaded dress:

Gray champagne with a little immature girlish feeling, sinking into the Midsummer Night’s dream full of stars and flowers, pure handmade beads and heavy industry rhombic to complete the girl’s dream of marriage, irregular drop design, making the overall look more modern.

Prague light wedding dress

Mori Wedding Dress:

A little fairy-inspired light wedding dress, a bit of a forest and a little Prague, asymmetrical slanted shoulders and light yarn design, supporting a stunning height, back soft gauze straps are more dreamy, when you decide to step into this feast, you have become the protagonist of tonight.

Lawn lace light wedding dress

Travel Wedding Dress:

Summer Dream Lace Variations, let you fall in love at first sight of the light wedding dress, witness the growth trajectory of love, this original design from Dear White, the overall light and stylish sense, two layers superimposed, like a shadow through the skin, looks full of scheming.

Fairy light wedding dress

French lace dress:

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, a light wedding dress can do it, the double dreams of lace are intertwined with endless charm, pure lilies, injecting a touch of innocence into elegance, and after the upper body, mixed with lazy and sexy taste.

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