He Chaoqiong’s only gaffe after hundreds of billions of gamblings: 35 years later, she put on the pair of pearl earrings again

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In 2021, He Chaoqiong recorded a New Year greeting video for Guangzhou on behalf of Hong Kong and Macao, and she is as beautiful and elegant as ever in her sixties, talking about the camera model, and everything seems to be going as usual. But sharp-eyed netizens found one thing, that is

The pair of pearl earrings worn by He Chaoqiong are white and moist, warm as jade, and look very familiar.

Familiar pearl earrings

Since the death of his father Stanley Ho, the heir He Chaoqiong has shouldered the burden of a 500 billion business empire, succeeding his father as the king of Macau gambling and becoming a veritable Macau gambling queen.

In the impression of netizens, He Chaoqiong is mostly associated with adjectives such as “beautiful, noble, elegant, and wise”, it seems that she has been the proud daughter of heaven since birth,

She is always so decent and calm in front of the public, like a flower of Gaolin

。 But what the young man didn’t know was that this 100 billion gambling queen also had feelings of desperation, which was the only gaffe in her perfect life.

Chen Baiqiang

▲The only love of He Chaoqiong after hundreds of billions of gamblings:

In 1981, gambling king Qianjin He Chaoqiong was only 19 years old, and under the introduction of a friend, she met Chen Baiqiang, who was 23 years old at the time, and the two saw each other and had a secret relationship. One is the heir favored by the gambling king, and the other is the music prince who calls the wind and rain in the Hong Kong music scene, in the eyes of outsiders, this pair is a very suitable golden boy and jade girl.

In that era, the two went out in and out in public, attending various occasions together for seven years.

At Chen Baiqiang’s 30th birthday party, 26-year-old He Chaoqiong faced the guests as a hostess. After the party, a group photo circulated in Hong Kong newspapers: the drunk Chen Baiqiang gently rested her head on He Chaoqiong, she did not dodge at all, but showed a sweet smile, looking at the man on the shoulder with loving eyes, full of tenderness.

Since that day, the relationship between the two has been public, and Lang Cai and female appearance have naturally received the blessings of many people, but unfortunately, this does not include He Chaoqiong’s father, Stanley Ho. Since the death of his eldest son He Youguang, He Chaoqiong is his only favored heir, how can he marry? He openly declared that the two were just friends, and he absolutely did not approve of the choice of his beloved daughter.

Afterwards, the gambling king forced the two to break up, which made the relationship between the two on thin ice and full of crises.

▲ Yiren is not there, who am I singing for?

“Knowing that love is lost, everything is wrong, why do I like you?”

In 1989, Chen Baiqiang’s “Like You” won the first prize of TBS at the Tokyo Music Festival, which was a love song after he and He Chaoqiong fell in love, and the song became popular overnight. It’s just that the lyrics are true, and the emotional path of the two is also sung in the song, with a sad ending.

On January 8, 1991, He Chaoqiong was 29 years old, which was the tenth year that she and Chen Baiqiang met and fell in love, but she could only marry Xu Jinheng, the eldest grandson of the Hong Kong ship king, with a dowry of 1 billion,

This is the arrangement of his father, Stanley Ho, and it is also a thorough business marriage. The daughter of a wealthy family cannot be willful, she has no freedom to speak of.

On the wedding day, Chen Baiqiang, who lost his beloved, smiled with tears and watched the most beloved woman get married.

On January 10, 1992, the second year of He Chaoqiong’s marriage, Chen Baiqiang announced his retirement from the music scene.

On May 18 of the same year, Chen Baiqiang was rushed to an ambulance in the middle of the night, and Hong Kong media reported that he drank a lot of alcohol and took a lot of sleeping pills, which caused major damage to his brain and fell into a coma.

After 17 months of treatment, Chen Baiqiang still could not open his eyes. In 1993, Chen Baiqiang left this world forever at the age of 35, and the entire Hong Kong music scene was mourning.

As soon as the news came out, He Chaoqiong was in pain, she was already the daughter-in-law of the Xu family, she looked stunned, broke into Chen Baiqiang’s spiritual hall, in front of everyone’s eyes, this always noble and elegant gambling king Qianjin and Chen’s mother hugged a headache and cried, the whole person described withered, haggard, as if she had been extracted from her soul.

In Hong Kong, there has never been

A married woman supports the soul of others

But He Chaoqiong has long been desperate.

In Ho Chaoqiong’s perfect life, her only gaffe was at Chen Baiqiang’s funeral, the reporter camera and thousands of criticisms were all left behind by her, and her act of helping the soul was also announcing to the whole Hong Kong who she loved in her heart. This move put her and her husband Xu Jinheng’s marriage in jeopardy.

(Note: Xu Jinheng did not stop spending days drinking before and after marriage, and the scandal with the Hong Kong actress can be published in a photo book.) )

In 2001, Hong Kong actress Li Jiaxin forced Gong Xu Jinheng, as a third party, she was not satisfied with her status, entered the hall, and openly provoked He Chaoqiong. In He Chaoqiong’s eyes, she doesn’t care how much lace news her husband makes, but she can’t tolerate these people making trouble in front of her eyes, and she can’t carry the heavy men, she He Chaoqiong naturally doesn’t want it.

So, in the seventh year of Chen Baiqiang’s death, He Chaoqiong announced his divorce from Xu Jinheng and never stepped into marriage again.

▲ “After 35 years, she put on those pearl earrings again”

“We never (formally) dating, but we tasted the loss of love.”

After Chen Baiqiang passed away, He Chaoqiong said the above sentence, many netizens thought that she would seal this relationship in the dust, after all, the heir of the gambling king should not be sad for the love of her children, and she still carries her father’s hundreds of billions of empire.

Pearl earrings given by Chen Baiqiang

Thirty-five years have passed, and just when everyone thought why Chaoqiong would not mention Chen Baiqiang again, she wore those pair of pearl earrings. I remember that it was the Spring Festival in 1986, Chen Baiqiang gave it to her, and the two spent the New Year together for the first time.

I thought it would be the beginning of the old age, who wanted to end up and leave her alone in the world.

More than thirty years have passed, He Chaoqiong is still alone, childless and daughterless, and the Hong Kong media maliciously orchestrates the gossip, she ignores it, only wearing the pair of pearl earrings to attend various occasions, as if Chen Baiqiang is by her side.

Ancient humane, spring heart does not share flowers, an inch of lovesickness and an inch of ash. If Chen Baiqiang is deeply affectionate, then He Chaoqiong is affectionate, as sung in the song——

“The old love is like drunk, and I am afraid to chase you again at this time, but I want to see you obsessively.”

What about after hundreds of billions of gamblings, she is just an ordinary woman who wants to see her beloved side again. The reason why love is sad is nothing more than resentment, love separation, and unwanting.

In the end, falling flowers and storms hurt spring even more, it is better to pity the people in front of you. May there be lovers in the world who will eventually become dependents.

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