Winter new Korean version fur collar, horn buttoned tweed coat, loose gentle wind mid-length coat

The coat is a romance in the fog that yearns for freedom in winter, and it is a cup of milk tea with marshmallows, Symbolizing the arrival of the cold climate, the straight silhouette has straight lines and loose silhouettes, and the small lapels are innate classic, blending with lamb hair, and the quality of the hair is soft and sticky

When the wind is strong, you can directly stand up the collar, whether it is to cope with sudden bad weather or concave shape, it is appropriate, the designer refers to the figure of the little sister to design, cut the three-dimensional line can modify the imperfect figure, the placket uses the same color change of horn buckle, gen, is ingenious

Selection of high-quality fabrics, warm feeling, soft quality, knocking high cloth, slightly hairy feel looks very comfortable, color is good, not easy to wrinkle, wear resistance, smooth jin-induced texture lining, smooth hand feeling, skin-friendly and comfortable, the whole body is permeated with soft warmth, soft and powerful confrontation under the transmission of balanceism

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