Magazines to improve your child’s writing level, these five can help you

Children’s poor writing ability is mainly due to the following reasons: lack of materials, no goods in the stomach; lack of reading, availability but not writing, lack of language organization skills; The level of parents is also not enough to teach; I bought a lot of essays, but the quality is still very poor, which is invalid reading. I don’t know if you find it, the general other subjects with a high level of writing will not be worse, the most extreme example is that people who can write are partial to the subject, and mathematics will not be worse. Math scores are very good, and writing is not much worse. (Give a follow, make a friend)

How can we help children improve their writing effectively? Read, read, read again. What is the key to reading, we must find materials for children, broaden their knowledge, enhance logic, divergent thinking, then what is good reading? Five magazines for you.

1. Museums

natural science

The museum is a monthly magazine, each issue is about 80-90 pages. “Natural” is a magazine published by China National Geographic magazine in 2004, which is a scientific communication magazine for teenagers, involving humanities, nature, biology and geology, aiming to spread good-looking, interesting, correct and carefully interviewed and edited content to readers. Some people wonder, how can this kind of scientific journal improve the level of writing? Reading science magazines can broaden children’s horizons, cultivate children’s curiosity about science, shorten the distance between the classroom and extracurricular, and be a useful supplement and extension of students’ textbooks. As the editor-in-chief said, when a child reaches the age of 7 or 8, their cognition begins to build and have a strong curiosity, at this time, they like to read about the universe, the world, nature, humanities, especially the reading of color books, can cultivate and develop their intelligence, they often love life more after reading, looking for materials in life, which also helps them compose.

2. Yilin Junior Edition

Yilin Junior Edition

“Yilin Junior Edition” is

Semi-monthly, two a month.

Founded in August 2003, it contains integrity, bravery, love, fashion, campus communication, teacher-student relationship, extracurricular knowledge, wisdom stories, family affection, animals, editing and reading interaction and other aspects. Using fantastic stories, answering children’s various questions in bits and pieces, and integrating truth, goodness and beauty in the story, can help children establish a correct outlook on life and values, children are to see this kind of positive energy story, otherwise it is too late to establish a view of life in the rebellious stage. We should have seen Yilin in high school, with a strong literary atmosphere, and “Yilin Junior Edition” can subtly edify children’s writing.

3. Children’s literature

Children’s literature

Children’s Literature is

Monthly, one a month.

The definition of children’s literature refers to literary works aimed at children. Children’s literature has a long history in the world, the earliest children’s literature is not a casual book, most of them are adapted from adult works and have didactic meaning; If it is not suitable for children or adapted for children, it cannot be counted as children’s literature, such as Grimm’s fairy tales originally written for adults and with eroticism, which have been revised many times before gradually evolving into children’s literature that children can read. However, it is personally recommended to choose this magazine and wait until the age of 10, after all, it is not a full color painting, this magazine narrative, essays, novels and other different themes, also need a certain reading ability, if parents have a certain reading and writing ability, it is recommended to use this miscellaneous book to read together.

4. Children’s Science Weekly

Children’s Science Weekly

Children’s version


Weekly, one per week. With the purpose of stimulating children’s interest in science, it helps children establish popular science reading habits, accumulate knowledge, improve their ability to explore and practice, and develop scientific thinking. If your child likes to do it, it is recommended to take a look, but pay attention to some of the content in it is too professional, even if it is the children’s version, if you can’t explain, the child knows half and feels too difficult, there is no interest in reading, but fortunately are all things in life, adults generally understand, so it is better to wait for the primary school to open the course of “Nature and Science” before reading.

5. Rice circles

Rice rings

It is a monthly magazine, one per month.

These five magazines are relatively young, newly established, but the content is rich and colorful, including stories, travelogues, idioms, history, interesting knowledge, teaching how to write, brain teasers, reasoning, humorous jokes, and children will definitely love to read.

If you have any other magazines that you can recommend, welcome to leave a message in the comment area

Children’s Science Weekly

Rice rings

Rice rings

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