Seymour accidents happened one after another, shocking, and the “Grim Reaper” race to lose!

Recently, the Huichuan Traffic Police Brigade carried out centralized and public destruction of 1,941 motorcycles that were recently seized and unclaimed. Most of the motorcycles that were destroyed were motorcycles driven without a license, and some were assembled vehicles. The data shows that the rate of death and disability caused by motorcycle accidents is extremely high, especially the vehicle that should be driven on a professional track, which is currently sought after by many young people, and Seymour traffic accidents also occur from time to time.

This is a scene that occurred at the end of June this year, in the middle section of the Niqiao car inspection center, at about ten o’clock in the morning that day, the weather was good, and the Seymour from the distance of the surveillance video has been shuttling in the traffic, because the overtaking driver is distracted, only paying attention to the white car on the right, but hitting the vehicle on the left opposite lane.

The driver of Seymour was knocked unconscious on the spot, and suffered multiple fractures in his ribs, leg bones and other parts of his body, causing a concussion. After the accident, the injured were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, and they struggled on the death line for a month, and their injuries were still not optimistic.

According to the traffic police, the driver in the accident was less than 20 years old, lived in Xinzhou Town, he went to the city to work and saved two months’ wages, just bought this Seymo, only rode less than a week before the accident.

Wang Shun, civilian police officer of the second squadron of the Huichuan Traffic Police Brigade:

He still can’t walk, he is still paralyzed, and his car is the kind of Seymour.

A week after this accident

In Gaojiu Road, Huichuan District

Another Seymour was in an accident

The accident left three people on the Seymour

One killed and two wounded

Judging from the photos taken by the police, a hole was knocked out of the front windshield of the off-road vehicle, and this hole was caused by the head impact of the person on the Seymo.

Zhang Hongju, civilian police officer of the second squadron of the Huichuan Traffic Police Brigade:

The driver himself was seriously injured, basically unable to move below the lumbar spine, and also learned from the attending doctor, even if the person is healed, he will be disabled.

Seymour driver He Moumou:

The three of us discussed one ride each, and the three of us pooled our money to buy this car.

On the footage captured by the Tianjin Road camera, at 1:54:22 a.m. that day, that is, three minutes before the accident, the Seymour quickly passed the bayonet video, from the screenshot, riding in the front is He Moumou, and sitting at the end is Tian Moumou, when the accident occurred, its head directly hit the front windshield of the off-road vehicle.

The passengers did not wear safety helmets, which was the reason for the tragic traffic accident. The economic loss caused by the entire accident is about 200,000 yuan, including medical expenses and losses for both parties.

The young man who died in the accident was only 17 years old, and these three young people of similar age were playmates who grew up together, and the three not only pooled money to buy the Seymo, but also one with a key, and every late at night, the three invited each other out to race together.

Ho’s mother:

When they bought the car, we knew it and gave him the keys and threw them away, because there had been an accident there, and we all knew.

Although the tragedy of cycling was around, and parents also reminded and intervened, they still could not stop the crazy behavior of the three young people.

Seymour has a high risk factor

After the unremitting efforts of the police, the number of Seymour in the urban area has been greatly reduced. In the parking lot of Donggongsi Mou Jun in Huichuan District, about 80 Seymour units recently seized by the Huichuan traffic police are parked, waiting for the next scrapping disposal.

According to the police, these Seymour displacements are not the same, they have been illegally modified, they do not have the qualification and certificate issued by the state, the accelerator line, brake line, and tire are not produced by regular manufacturers, and most of the drivers have not obtained driving procedures, let alone purchase compulsory insurance.

In order to maintain road traffic safety and smooth urban roads, the police will continue to carry out the clean-up and rectification of motorcycles, especially for illegal carrying of people, speeding, unlicensed and unlicensed motorcycles and other illegal acts will be intensified.

Ride a Seymour

It’s not about fast and furious

It’s a race against death

No one can afford to lose this showdown

There are already many lessons

Stop it

Zhang Hongju, civilian police officer of the second squadron of the Huichuan Traffic Police Brigade:

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