The actual experience of several young and middle-aged male mainstream board shoes running shoes

Almost every year, I have to hesitate to buy shoes for a while, especially when the spring and autumn seasons change, so I felt it and wrote this feeling. First of all, the editor admits that this article is not blowing or black, but there are some subjective and limited vision articles, because the following several shoes are Xiaobian has bought, wearing, after all, not a player, daily for shoes budget is limited, but still hope to start from personal preferences and actual feelings, tell you some actual product experience, give some reference. The shoes mentioned here are basically the mainstream board shoes and running shoes on the market, and I roughly divided them into 3 styles, and I will elaborate on the feelings one by one

【Traditional board with a round head style】

Nike SB dunk low (including similar AJ)

This and this color in the picture are actually worn, the overall feeling is still good, the appearance is classic enough, just on the foot is relatively hard, it takes about a week of adaptation stage, it seems that Nike is all this feature. At that time, I visited a certain cat, I liked it and bought it, but later I found that SB’s channels were mixed, inventory was tight, shoes were indeed classic, and there were many colors, but it was very difficult to buy, which led to these APPs later. If you summarize SB in a paragraph: classic, durable, somewhat vulgar; The price is small and expensive, it is not easy to buy

Clover shell head (including similar models of NEO)

Shell head includes NEO series of similar board shoes, always give people a very green, well-behaved feeling, indeed Xiaobian bought this shoe when he was also a recent graduate, the overall wearing feeling, the shoe inside is relatively high, the arch of the foot pad is a little uncomfortable, regardless of men and women, unless the appearance, the figure is more excellent, otherwise wear this some can not stand up feeling, and now has passed the “three zhanger”, for peers Xiaobian does not recommend this

vans old skool

Old Skool is a classic street hit, almost in places above the second tier city, every commercial street can catch it everywhere. In the picture, this color is small and actually worn, the foot feeling is slightly thinner than SB, and I feel that walking and running are not very durable (of course, the positioning of board shoes is indeed not equivalent to running shoes), but the overall matching, the driving threshold is very low, do not pick pants, do not pick looks, especially in summer, friends who like to show ankles, almost a pair of black old skool is a must for shoe cabinets, and always feel that old skool is not as dazzling as SB, which means that even if you hit shoes, you don’t feel embarrassed (but SB hit shoes, It’s still a little embarrassing, you say)

vans half cab

Half Cab is actually a relatively niche in Vans, and it is also inspired by the “low demand” of real skateboarders for high-top shoes, transforming the positioning of Half Cab. But this, Xiaobian personally really recommends, first of all, the wrapping is comprehensive and the materials are comfortable; Secondly, the upper is mostly cotton texture, which is well breathable; Third, the editor likes that it has some ugly feelings, ugly alternative, personality, but justified; Fourth, it is a good match, and it feels that medium pants, loose pants, jogging bottoms, and cargo pants are all suitable. It’s just that half cab is not easy to buy, mostly for some niche channels on the Internet, interested and organic friends, Xiaobian through many pairs of actual wearing feelings, sincerely recommend

【Pointy style-based technology run】

Clover EQT (including similar YEEZY)

In the past two years, a batch of pointy toees, sharp lines, and explosive sense of science and technology running shoes led by coconut have been born, especially Nike Adi competing for a new direction. Xiaobian once wore a pair of light gray EQT, the overall feeling that this pair of shoes is really extremely light, breathable, indeed very suitable for running, but the price is a little expensive (generally seven or eight hundred), and the most pit is actually the use of materials and colors, this is actually not a product problem, but depends on the buyer’s wearing scene, this kind of mesh running shoes, especially light-colored, if often in and out of dusty occasions, very intolerant of dirt, not resistant to rain, I can’t wait to brush the heels and not wear shoes, just washed for a week, like wearing for half a year… Here you must pay attention to the fact that if you walk a lot of dirt roads every day, the style of light-colored cloth, almost do not choose (I think shoes should not have maintenance costs, but the maintenance of light-colored cloth is too frequent, and later the pair of EQT of the editor was also folded out on the idle fish)

【Retro run based on shuttle-shaped and fish-shaped style】

NB 574

New Ballon has really been in the altar position in the editor’s heart over the years under the attempts of many brands (Nike/AJ, Adi/Clover, vans, Puma, Onizuka Tiger). Its core impression to Xiaobian is its core selling points: retro, comfortable, breathable. 574 Xiaobian through a lot of pairs, the advantages have been said above, the disadvantages are actually there, simply complained, first of all, the line shape is more stupid, too short, round, a bit like bread; In addition, with a little picky and pants, if the appearance is flat, the figure is average, plus jeans, plaid shirts and the like, it does basically constitute a standard portrait. So when actually matching, be sure to look at the color and the whole body, especially many middle-aged friends, the figure is beginning to be greasy, 574 should be carefully matched

NB 996

In this article, in fact, I want to say that the one recommended by the editor is half cab, and the other is 996. If you are thin and tall, then try the former will have more space, if it is a general figure, I personally feel that 996 is more versatile and casual, first of all, 996 is more slender than 574, the overall is more like a shuttle, fish shape, wear it more moist; In addition, especially for middle-aged friends, if the figure is not too thin, medium, or strong, 996 is also fully suitable. In addition, the 996 line design is more elegant, smooth, and there are many color options, which is nothing more than twice as expensive as the 574 (I remember that the editor has a pair of red and gold, and I wore it for 3 years until I was forced to retire, I liked it)

NB 999

999 Xiaobian once bought a pair, this pair of shoes feel more “inner height”, may also be the reason for the design of the shoe, itself Xiaobian 175 height, after wearing it there is a suspicion of wanting to increase height, comfort basically continues the consistent level of New Ballun. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who are below 180 in height, buy carefully, visually look at the bottom thickness, and have a sense of height. Secondly, it is a little expensive, more expensive than 996, and it is still necessary to measure the cost performance when buying it

Onizuka Tora Run Spark

Written at the end is the first time Xiaobian has tried and is wearing, a pair of more shuttle-shaped, fish-shaped shoes, Onizuka Tiger. Over the years, this brand has indeed gradually entered the hearts of the people in terms of trend creation, as the brand story says, every Japanese youth has dreamed of having a double Onizuka Tiger. In the actual wearing experience, the shoe type is very thin, fat people can not wear it, middle-aged people, medium-sized people wear it, look thin, young, fashionable. This brand also has many secondary classification options and colors, and it is more flexible to match. It doesn’t feel too picky, but picking pants, too fat and too thin pants, is still not suitable. In addition, the foot feel of this shoe, slightly stiffer (harder than Newballon, but not as hard as SB/AJ); In terms of comfort and breathability, it is slightly worse than New Ballon; In terms of fashion sense, it almost beats other shoes with SB and AJ; In terms of age group, individuals feel more suitable for young and middle-aged people

Finally, for the above shoes, the most fashionable feeling is SB/AJ and Onizuka Tiger; If you look only at comfort, it is the NB series; If you look at comfort and collocation, it is vans half cab; If you look at comfort and functionality, it’s clover EQT, but it’s dirty. And the old skool and the clover shell head, there are no obvious characteristics in between, belonging to a little up and down without relying on personal feelings. Well, having said so much, in fact, it is completely out of personal feelings, Xiaobian is not a shoe family, but in the past years, with a little salary, tried a double and double piece, a little experience, I hope to help you, today we first come here (when posting, I will set to enjoy the headline advertising share, but what kind of advertising will be matched below the article, whether it hits a certain brand mentioned in the article, I still don’t know, I hope you believe that I am indeed not selling shoes, if it is a programmatic advertisement distributed by DSP, In fact, the advertising content that each reader sees will be different, and I don’t count this if I said it, hehe)

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