Mother’s Day is coming, a gift for your wife, Dalyou candy powder peripheral set is not worth it

Today is my Nth day of choosing a desktop peripheral set for my wife…

Why did this idea suddenly arise? First, because she plans to engage in the e-commerce industry recently, as a husband, I should give this “tigress” some support in her work; Second, it is also more important, she usually likes to play some games, are using my computer, and later after installing her computer, are using the peripherals I eliminated, and since the author is a digital blogger, I must choose a reliable peripheral set, it is quite embarrassing to say, if I recommend it to male friends, I can make a few lists casually, and now it is my turn to my closest lover, but there is a feeling that I can’t start.

Sitting in the right seat, female friends cannot refuse the “fan” department

In fact, as long as the idea is simple and straightforward, there is still a clue, presumably everyone knows that for male friends, it has always been the almighty and uniform, cookie-cutter black, and for women, those big red, thousands of purple red, mother red era has passed, the only tone that many goddesses can not refuse, of course, is still girl powder, so I locked –

Dalyou “Candy Powder” peripheral set

List of Dalyou Candy Peripheral Four-Piece List:

——Dalyou A950 three-mode gaming mouse

——Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard

——Dalyou EH722 RGB version gaming headset

——Dalyou H101 wireless gamepad

As a well-known domestic brand peripheral equipment brand, Dalyou’s quality is completely trustworthy, and the recently launched stylized desktop peripheral set in addition to “

Candy powder

“Outside the series, there is”

Mecha Blue

“Peripheral sets are available, and the reason why I chose these four-piece sets is because my wife can play games when she is off work in addition to work. Okay, let’s get to the point, let’s get straight to the experience.

Candy powder that enhances happiness in life

01/Dalyou A950 mouse:

Ta’s figure is more flattering, the appearance of yyds, direct vision, through this photo we can find that this mouse is a lightweight level, 88 grams of no perforation lightweight design, using a lightweight skeleton, shallow, strong, the size of 64mm (width) * 123mm (length) * 39mm (height) pattern is flattering, well, really exquisite.

Three-mode full “core” attack

It is worth mentioning that Dalyou A950 mouse is to support three modes, that is, Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G reception, Type-c wired mode, three modes can be switched arbitrarily, so that its use environment is very extensive, regardless of the usual PC office, game scene, but also connected to mobile phones, tablets, TVs, boxes and other devices.

The core part, Dalyou A950 adopts self-developed KBS2.0 button weighing technology, split button, plus built-in lubrication POM material hinge, balance spring, good feeling, the trigger force is really light, very small, very comfortable, skin-friendly texture, moderate size, worthy of the old masterpiece.

The Dalyou A950 is an all-rounder mouse, so its usability is high. Well, don’t worry, the performance should not fall behind, the new AIM-WL wireless low-power sensor, support macro programming, 50-12000 DPI adjustable, 300 IPS tracking speed, just this sincerity, really can’t pick a thorn.

As mentioned above, Dalyou A950 supports Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G reception, Type-c wired three modes, mode switching at the bottom, from the bottom, we can see that there are mode switch keys, Bluetooth code buttons, 2.4G wireless receiver storage compartments. By the way, there are Easter eggs, Dalyou A950 has a built-in battery, and the contact part is the charging place, using a magnetic charging port.

It has a built-in 930mAh lithium battery, the official website says that 2.4G game mode can be used for 12 days, Bluetooth office up to 30 days, of course, to say that I personally “porridge”, that is, this product is also equipped with a streamer RGB magnetic charging base as standard.

The base light effect can be turned on, placed on the desktop like an ornament, not only convenient to charge, but also the base comes with a 2.4G receiver signal extension function.

Experience Reviews:

In terms of the actual button experience, it belongs to the short key travel, clear feeling, and the feedback force triggered is comfortable, whether it is appearance or feel, grip, tumble, can have a long-term light and comfortable grip, for female friends who like lightweight game mice, it is still very recommended.

02/Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard:

After reading the mouse, let’s take a look at the keyboard! This model is also new, three words: too cute, as a macho man, I have an urge to replace my black plate, there is every reason to believe that Ta will make girls love it, and I was attracted by the appearance as soon as I opened it.

Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard still retains the characteristics, as the name suggests three-mode, consistent with A950 mouse, support Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G reception, Type-c wired mode, support multiple digital devices, one-key switching, keyboard size 367mm*120mm*34.5mm, excluding cable weight of about 950g.

Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a 100 key layout compact configuration, which is very different from the 87-key product, this keyboard not only retains the practical number area, the volume will not appear too large, the key configuration is suitable for office, e-sports games, for small hands female players are more friendly.

The matching of keycaps is not much to say, all as usual PBT, double plastic keycaps, full of sincerity, pile up the foot that is certain, this keyboard gives a more fashionable and beautiful impression.

As you can see in the picture, the Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard in my hand adopts the supreme version – TTC Quicksilver shaft, and the A100 is also a hot-swappable shaft design, and you can replace your favorite shaft body at will in the later stage, which is compatible with 99% of mechanical axes on the market.

This time, the standard TTC fast silver shaft, the button in the free state or the trigger state can be rock solid, and the life is higher than the red shaft and silver shaft.

In addition to the above features, Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard is still not to be outdone in terms of details, bid farewell to tradition, and create a more innovative experience, such as in terms of details: one-key mold cutting, and a very novel adjustable magnetic tripod, which can raise the keyboard by 3.5mm after rotating 90 degrees, which is more ergonomic.

Built-in 200mAh lithium battery, with low-power chip and energy-saving technology, when the light is turned off, it can be used for 4 hours a day, which can be used for about 25 days. Wait, lights? Everyone read it right, Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard has RGB full-color backlight, 16.8 million light colors, and a variety of light modes adjustable.

How, donating the mouse and keyboard has already impressed the young ladies? Don’t worry, there is, let’s talk about the first encounter of this keyboard, the appearance is passed, the pile is sufficient, thanks to the blessing of TTC fast silver shaft, light trigger pressure, short key travel, rebound strong and fast, smooth linear axis, typing will not be as noisy as the green axis, not as paragraph sense as the tea axis, how to say, its quality performance is recognized by the public, in the game e-sports and office typing are very good.

03/Dalyou EH722 RGB Gaming Headset:

The old rule, first open a box, the so-called “fish and bear’s paw can not have both”, maybe everyone’s ideas on e-sports headsets have always stayed in silly black and rough, all kinds of cool, all kinds of lighting effects, then the emergence of Dalyou EH722, what do you think of it? Welcome to give it a score in the comments section.

The romantic cherry blossom powder was deeply touched again, Yuki has? Diamond facet design, 280g lightweight, adaptive head beam and rich ROB lighting effects, 50mm unit speaker, these are its sincerity, the game does not pit teammates!

Isn’t the 100-yuan ROG headset fragrant? This is my evaluation of the Dalyou EH722 gaming headset, there are not too many messy bright and blind lighting effects, replaced by this plain style.

Dalyou EH722 adopts high-fidelity 50mm speaker unit, stable output, clear and transparent sound quality, audiophile-grade large sound unit with independent sound cavity design, true restoration of details, clear sound positioning, and in the hose type highly sensitive microphone, it is easy to achieve different angle adjustment, accurate delivery, enjoy the various joys brought by the game, and communicate in time without pitting teammates.

In the details, the head beam of Dalyou EH722 is made of SUS301 stainless steel, which can remain stable even in intense game scenes, not easy to fall off, the design of the buffer part I personally feel is very in place, automatic telescopic adaptation, goddesses of different head sizes can be used, and the wearing feeling is more firm and comfortable than those gaming headsets than before, lighter.

After looking at the appearance and unit part of the Dalyou EH722 gaming headset, let’s take a look at more details, and the overall workmanship is also the style that a large factory should have.

The curvature of each facet is adjusted many times, this diamond facet can definitely meet the girlish heart of most women, let’s talk about the sense of space, because the earcup part is large, so after wearing well, there will be a very strong sense of wrapping, with immersive game listening experience adjustment, of course, it is also comfortable to wear, will not feel significantly stuffy, even if worn for a long time will not have a great sense of oppression.

The sound is transparent, the sound is full, the low frequency is mellow and powerful, the listening range is also very wide, whether it is listening to music, or watching movies, can bring a good listening experience, sound insulation is very good, when playing the game is presented is rich sound details, I simply played in the game “The Elder Scrolls 5”, Dalyou EH722 gives me the feeling, whether it is in battle or not, or the game background sound effects dragon roar, injuries and other listening sounds, all give people a very strong sense of positioning, the game brings in a good sense of good, With the A950 mouse and A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard, the operation will not be laborious.

04/Dalyou H101 wireless gamepad:

The final character appears, Na ~ strong e-sports elements, excellent ergonomic design, and girl powder matching, compared to female friends, the games they play are relatively simple, may be more inclined to some small games, games with music rhythm, racing cars, so it is more appropriate to play with the Dalyou H101 wireless gamepad.

Wireless dual-mode design, Dalyou H101 supports wired, Bluetooth dual-mode connection, not only supports computers, Android mobile phones, TVs, but also can be used in the switch, the feel is excellent, it is no exaggeration to say, everyone must not imagine that this is a hundred yuan handle, its size is 159 * 105 * 60mm, the weight is about 220g, as usual classified as lightweight.

The grip position has a non-slip texture, the grip feels very comfortable, fits the palm, and this handle is made of sufficient material, has a good feel, and will not easily leave fingerprints. By the way, the left and right grips are equipped with asymmetrical vibration motors, which makes it more immersive when playing some games that support vibration.

The ABXY key of Dalyou H101 is extremely comfortable to press, the feedback is fast and sensitive, the cross button is crisp, the rebound is powerful, the disc is stable, and the overall performance is good, continuing the wired version of TURBO one-key burst, three-speed speed, e-sports-level 360° joystick, which can bring us flexibility, serpentine positioning, and accurate experience in games.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone lives an extremely busy life, but well ~ occasionally play a small game to relax yourself is also very good, in terms of playing games with Dalyou H101, try to play the “Genshin” game, in the game players can pick food casually, fight small monsters, shuttle in this free world, it is indeed too much more fragrant than the keyboard, good quality and low price, this is my evaluation of Ta.

Four-piece assist goddess, she’ll fall in love with, trust me

Everyone has seen that whether it is Dalyou A950 three-mode gaming mouse, Dalyou A100 three-mode mechanical keyboard, Dalyou EH722 RGB version gaming headset, or Dalyou H101 wireless gamepad, their “

“Stunning appearance is irresistible, this four-piece set, can be said to be the welfare prepared by Dalyou for the majority of male compatriots, give gifts to the goddess no longer have to be entangled, a set in place, even the author’s girlish heart is almost unable to hold back, no pit, can get on the car.”

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Candy powder

Experience Reviews:

Experience Reviews:

Experience Reviews:

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