How to tie Wu Jing’s bullet pendant?

Wu Jing’s bullet pendant is a snake knot or diamond knot

Leng Feng, a retired special soldier in “Wolf Warrior 2”, established a romantic relationship with his superior Long Xiaoyun, and there are flashback shots in the film, introducing that Long Xiaoyun seems to have been killed while performing a mission on the border.

After being released from prison, Leng Feng hung the rare bullet left by Long Xiaoyun when he disappeared around his neck, went deep into Africa, looked for the owner of the bullet, and vowed to avenge his lover.

In the end, Leng Feng fought to the death with the mercenary leader Daddy during the evacuation operation, and killed him violently with a bullet hanging from his neck, avenging Long Xiaoyun.

Wu Jing’s bullet pendant hanging around his neck is unique and innovative, and it is very visually impactful, so Wukong’s question is, how is the bullet pendant tied?

On all decorations, merchants will make a small hole in advance, such as my zodiac ink cui, when it was first taken into the hand, a thin hole has been opened, which is convenient for consumers to wear into the string or other chains, which is extremely convenient and practical.

Because it is a bullet, it must be near the bottom of the warhead, drill a small hole with a drill, use a string through a few knots to fix (not to slide), you can wear it directly, in fact, it is so simple, not complicated, just as a question and answer question, it seems to be a little complicated.

I judge from the stills downloaded on the Internet that the bullet pendant on Wu Jing’s neck is made of ordinary round shoelaces into an ordinary knot, which can also be called a snake knot, or a diamond knot!

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