Nissan NV200 Restoration Diary (Refurbishing a 10-year-old car with friends) Chapter 7 Mechanics and modifications

Hello fellow car friends, after more than a month of unremitting efforts, finally got to the delivery of the car, this car can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes from when it just came back. If the interior renovation done before, the whole vehicle painting and other work are surface work, then the inner work that cannot be seen is the machine repair, to be honest, at the beginning I was really worried about the engine problem, when the car came back, friends first briefly checked, idle state often there is a flame-out situation, at that time it was inferred that there may be a problem with the spark plug, through the recent further testing, there was indeed no major problem, a stone finally landed. Speaking of which, this engine is too powerful, the model is HR16, and there are many Nissan series cars equipped with it, which is characterized by strong power, fuel saving, stability and anti-manufacturing. Through the overhaul of the engine, it was found that the previous owner should not have regular maintenance, and often used inferior gasoline, resulting in serious carbon deposits in the throttle and serious blackening of the spark plug. The simplest and most effective solution is to clean the throttle, replace the spark plug, replace all the oil and water, and finally clean the engine compartment to give it a new life.

Replacement supplies picked by friends

Air filtration and air conditioning filtration

Fully synthetic motor oil

Nissan universal oil filter element

Hand wave transmission fluid

Original spark plug

In addition, there is brake fluid, antifreeze, glass water forgot to take pictures, all ready to start replacing one by one.

Judging by the color of the oil, it is true that the maintenance has not kept up

Air filter new contrast

Spark plugs old and new contrast

Looking at the appearance of this spark plug smoky makeup, the oil quality needs to be improved, and the original spark plug is selected to best match the spark plug heat value with the engine. Friends and friends should not be fooled when replacing the spark plug Oh, not the higher the calorific value, the better Oh, the one suitable for your own car is the best.

Fill the transmission oil, and for the first time you know that you need to fill it like this

Throttle carbon deposits are severe

What it looks like after washing

After some operation, the car was cured by stalling at idle, the engine ran smoothly, and the sound was very small at idle. By overhauling the brakes, the front and rear brakes, shock absorption do not need to be replaced, maybe the previous owner has replaced it, take care of him, make do with it. Earlier, I also mentioned that this car needs certain modifications in order to be easier to use and more comfortable to ride. It involves the addition of lenses to the headlights, fog lamps, seat adjustment, re-application of solar film, retreaded wheels, upgrade of comfortable tires, etc. Then I’ll make it all this time.

First upgrade the headlights, the LED lamp base of the Q5 lens bought by a friend, can be installed without loss

Remove the yellowed lampshade

This is a pair, a brand new lampshade

Transparent and full-bodied lenses

Each is equipped with a fan for better heat dissipation

Each lens has a non-destructive mounting bracket that can be fixed, which is easy to use, but friends are afraid that it is difficult to adjust the level of the headlights, so it is better to do it yourself

Low light effect

High beam effect

The modified lens completely solves the fear of insufficient light, and at the same time, for driving safety, fog lamps are installed, fog lamps do not choose xenon or LDE, for safety reasons, ordinary halogen bulbs are selected and yellow light sources are selected to enhance fog penetration.

Next, retreaded the wheel, the wheel hub is very badly worn, there is almost no complete place, friends at first want to repair with metal putty, and then simply give up, turn back and have the opportunity to collect a set of wheels to replace it, before cleaning well, spray paint is also the best choice, otherwise with good tires, the visual effect is also very rubbish.

The scratches on each hub are very consistent, many and deep

After washing

After painting

I didn’t expect that just the cleaning and spray paint effect was not bad, and my friend sprayed five or six times, saying that he was afraid that it would be washed off when washing the car

The hub of this car is 14-inch aluminum wheels, but also relatively thick, the aluminum wheels used, the J value is 5, that is to say, the minimum tire width supports 165, the maximum tire width supports 185, a few days ago in order to smoothly get on the license, 165 tires have not been changed, because the car has done a very systematic sound insulation, low speed can only feel that the load of 165 tires is very hard, high-speed driving tire noise is very large, and oversized cars are easy to float, because this car is not used to carry goods, if fully loaded, the situation may improve, but there is no that opportunity, Decisively replace the 185 tires, choose Giti silent series, the pattern is T20, model 18570R14, through software comparison, 0.8 kilometers slower than the original car per 100 kilometers, which is the most cost-saving and closest to the original car data upgrade method without changing the wheel size.

WeChat mini program search hub calculator can be

Four tires

Giti T20, cost-effective, silent and comfortable.

Well, the date of 20 years and 48 weeks, it is the end of last year, and it is not old.

The wheel tires have been done, and the actual effect will be shared with you during the road test.

You should remember that the original car seat was the 232 layout, and the 223 layout was changed for the convenience of riding, and the rear seats were moved back to increase the legroom of the rear seats. The original car two and three rows of seats are fixed to the floor with seat locks, the original plan is to move back as a whole, but the floor lock position has a girder, in order not to damage the chassis structure, had to adopt a welding method, simple and rough.

Friends used the original lock to increase the solder joint to ensure strength

How do you see the space in front and back of the seat? Don’t lose to the same class of business vehicles, not even the GL8.

I set the front seat to normal, and there is better space for the driver’s seat and the co-pilot. Because of the high sitting position, the driver’s seat even needs to be adjusted forward, the co-pilot is adjusted to normal space, and the big man can sit in the back.

The space where the passenger seat is adjusted to its original position can be said to be sufficient

The co-pilot is in place, and the middle row is adjusted to large

The co-pilot is in place, the middle row is adjusted to the end, and the legroom can be vertically placed a 500ml bottle of mineral water, is this space level considered excellent?

The center row is adjusted to maximum rear space

The position of the middle seat just now remains unchanged, and when you come to the back row, you can also cram a water bottle horizontally into your knees and seat back.

The center row is adjusted to normal rear space

Still in the rear, adjust the middle seat to normal, at this time the legroom can be crammed horizontally into two mineral water bottles, the person is 176 pounds tall and weighs 165 pounds. How about such a seating space, how many points can it score? Even if the row of seats is moved backwards, what is the trunk space?

Such trunk space is afraid that I will not pass, the body length is four meters four, I tried my best, but it is still no problem to stuff a few duffel bags. There is space under the front seats, and I think I can handle it without buying large items when fully loaded.

When the glass film was applied, it was rainy, and the film master was used by a friend’s repair shop, and the technology was not said.

Dark film throughout the car

The last item is car paint polishing, after all, their own spray paint is not comparable to the original technology, the last layer of varnish thinning is not enough, so it is more viscous, spraying out of the obvious orange peel pattern at close range, but the polishing master said that this is also crooked, and it will not be thrown to the nacre layer after a few throws. It took three hours to polish with 1200 mesh sandpaper, and only 20 minutes to polish.

Sanding car paint


After polishing, the paint is as smooth as the mirror, the pearl grain is obvious, and the paint is full and high-grade.

Let’s talk about the roof TV, in order for children to have a happy journey, install a 15-inch TV, you can plug in a USB disk, you can use the mobile phone on the same screen, and the navigation is connected with the video screen line, you can use the front and back screen of the same screen, or you can make sound through the car stereo. Although the resolution is only 1280×720, the effect is still good

With indoor lighting, but does not support opening doors to light up

My favorite, Guoda Statham

With such a device, I think children should be obedient during the trip. There’s no kid who can’t do without an Ultraman.

Generally, the last item of the new car handover operation is to show?

Hand-stitched steering wheel? No! No! No!

The last item to hand in the homework should be the car key

GTR metal car key

That’s the finishing touch, homework done! This is not the end of it, and the next issue will be the last. After tossing for so long, of course, I have to try the overall effect, and finally I will share the experience of the road test with all riders, thank you for your attention and suggestions! Thank you!

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