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I have forgotten when I became a car fan, from the beginning of identifying the type of car to now becoming proficient in brands and collections. Perhaps coupled with my love of electronics, I pay attention to the performance of cars, but I also pay special attention to each in-vehicle system, just as I pay attention to the digital products of my friends.

I remember the tape sound system I was exposed to as a kid and the “natural DJ effect” that came with the aging of CD heads. With the technology of in-vehicle systems, flash memory media with more considerable capacity has become mainstream, and our in-car music library has become rich. In fact, in the Internet era, car music systems can become richer and fresher. The multi-listen V radio car U disk with integrated Internet radio is a way to realize the network of car audio.

Yes, it is such an inconspicuous “little black” USB flash drive, but looking at the button with the “Wi-Fi” LOGO on the side of it means that it is different from ordinary USB disks.

As a small digital peripheral, the packaging of the multi-listen V radio station is quite interesting, after unpacking the outer paper packaging, you can see clear instructions for use, the combination of graphics and text, quite intuitive. The packaging of the inner box is made of hard plastic, which is really careful for a product that only costs 59 yuan. At least, USB sticks of the same price do not have this “prestigious” treatment.

How exactly does it integrate Internet radio? I believe that many tails must think of using mobile data, but this solution will definitely not work in the data service tariff environment of domestic operators. Therefore, listening to more V radio uses a more clever method, first cached to the phone, and then synchronized to the USB flash drive via Wi-Fi. After the principle is clearly introduced, let’s see how it actually plays.

First of all, to connect to it via Wi-Fi, you need to install an app on the mobile phone, which currently supports Android and iOS systems. This app comes with some music recommendations for regular music platforms, as well as recommended audio as a radio feature. It is a pity that the music library of listening to V radio is not rich, such as the music library of Hong Kong music.

Building a library isn’t something that can be done overnight, so the app also lets users import an iPod library without being limited by the official library. However, I prefer to be able to link with other third-party music platforms, such as Shrimp Music and NetEase Cloud Music, which can make it more convenient for users to synchronize their collection lists. At the same time, it should be mentioned that this application is mainly used for downloading functions, and in terms of music playback functions, it is very rudimentary and can only meet the needs of auditions.

After downloading the playlist or importing iPod music, insert the multi-listen V radio U disk into the car system, search for the Wi-Fi hotspot of the USB drive, and you can easily sync the music on your phone to the USB drive.

The length of the synchronization process depends on the number of songs, in addition, the capacity of this USB flash drive is 4G, so the number of songs synced at one time is limited. After synchronization, you can use it like a normal car USB flash drive, and it is quite easy to control music playback through the multimedia buttons in the car.

In addition, in order to reduce the user’s operating costs and keep the U disk library updated, Multi-Listen V Radio also has the function of “automatic synchronization on the car”, when the car starts and the U disk is powered on, the two ends can be automatically synchronized.

V Radio has a good idea, and it eliminates the need for cables and many complicated operations, but I still found some flaws in the process of using it:

1. Music cannot be played during the synchronization process, and it takes a long time to wait when the number of synchronized music is large.

2. After turning on the “automatic synchronization on the car” function, if the car starts more times that day, it will automatically synchronize every time, which is cumbersome.

3. iPod music import function only supports MP3 format.

Although the function of Bluetooth and AUX IN interface to connect to the on-board system has long appeared, the use of mobile phones during driving will bring security risks, and these two connection methods have certain requirements for the on-board system. Listening to more V radio can be regarded as another way to provide another rich car music library at low cost, and its compatibility is very wide, only cars with USB interfaces can use it. At the same time, I found that it also worked on home speakers with USB inputs, so listening to V-Radio revived my old bedside speakers.

Off topic, can the tails see which model of the car in the picture it is? Good looking forward to veteran tail fans.

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Great equipment…

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