It’s me again, and it’s the author of the old neighborhood that has lived for more than 30 years, and then completely renovated and transformed it comparable to a high-end neighborhood. I have shared the decoration rendering with you before, and some netizens asked me how much money I spent and what home appliances did I buy? Today, through this article, let you feel what kind of changes a decoration can bring to your home.

Let’s start with the old and new. This is what my home looked like before it was renovated, the top is covered with fumes, the space is extremely cramped, and the decoration is the style of 30 years ago. When I bought this “old and dilapidated”, I lived until I grew up, and its house is more than 30 years old.

(Previous look)

(What it looks like now)

When our neighbors came to my house as guests, they all said that they wanted to make a home theater here, so they could save a sum of money to go to KTV, and they were closer to home. My mother is also a singing person, and I also thought that on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I could buy a set of family K song stereos so that she and her relatives and friends could relax in my newly renovated home.

Next, I will enter the topic of this issue and share with you my feelings and experience of using the family K song sound.

First of all, I should note that my home does not prepare the location of the audio in advance, so it is extremely inconvenient to want to do the echo wall, left and right midrange speakers, front and rear woofers like professional audiophiles.

This creates an awkward problem, the line has nowhere to hide, and the layout space is not large enough. Then, when I purchase audio, I must choose a reasonable combination of speakers as much as possible. In the end, I chose the new Play 7D solution of BINNIFA Family K Song Audio, which is the main speaker + subwoofer + two microphones.

In addition, BINNIFA comes with a wireless microphone, which can be bought with a simple connection to complete the K song needs, fully covering the TV K song APP, and the elders will also use it, which is also a bright product selling point of it.

I specially took a picture of the details of the BINNIFA Play 7D. When I got the product, I felt that the details were very good, the design of 0.8mm sound transparent metal mesh, like the sound quality of the runway, and this design can provide array sound transmission, better achieve surround sound output.

BINNIFA’s packaging is also very good, although it was opened without taking a picture, but the packaging it gave away is a “7-figure” shape, no excessive packaging, disassembly can take out the product, and the protection is better, the first impression of their products is better.

Of course, some netizens wondered, what steps is required for BINNIFA Play 7D from arrival to the realization of K songs? There are many methods, it itself supports COX, ARC, AUX and other formats, and I myself summarized two sets of output methods:

One: Connect the mobile phone to Bluetooth, open the mobile phone K song software, turn on the microphone to start singing;

Two: Connect the HDMI cable between the TV and the stereo, open the TV K song software, and turn on the microphone to start singing.

Isn’t it simple? Yes, my old mother also learned easily, the microphone itself is wirelessly connected, just need to turn on the TV, open the K song software can quickly play songs and vocals through the BINNIFA Play 7D speaker, simple control is the key element it is more suitable for home.

The ingenious thing about BINNIFA Play 7D is that it gives you an array speaker + 60Hz subwoofer, which is enough to meet the needs of the average family’s K songs. In addition, its microphone is known as “wireless professional performance-grade beauty microphone”, and what kind of experience can be brought by the three product portfolios is the main topic of concern.

When not doing any tweaking for the BINNIFA Play 7D, it feels relatively translucent to me, and the sound of the subwoofer is not so obvious compared to the front court. Personally, I prefer to turn down the two bass levels through the remote control, and when playing rock music, the overall sound stage is much wider, and the echoing sound effects of guitar and bass are more prominent.

If you use the TV at home to play songs directly, you can clearly feel the “muffled” sound, which is very similar to when you play a game, your fingers accidentally cover the sound hole, and the sound “can’t come out”. This is the true portrayal of my home television.

For comparison, I used the BINNIFA Play 7D to play The Lone Brave as well.

Using this set of speakers gives me the feeling, the sound will be particularly transparent, the vocal details are more prominent, plus some bass sound effect optimization, the sound has a touch of “fluffy sound” in the timbre, you can really get some KTV-like sound field feeling through Play 7D.

Let’s take a look at the shape of the remote control and microphone. The remote control provides many options, such as cinema mode, music mode and news mode, which correspond to completely different music styles. For daily use, most people should choose the cinema mode, its sound effect is more transparent, after closing the window, it can indeed form a trace of echo closed loop.

The BINNIFA Play 7D’s microphone is pretty easy to use, the design is easy, and the connection is quite stable, even when I walk back and forth in the bedroom and living room, I can catch the sound. There are still shortcomings, the microphone does not come with an “anti-fall cover”, I think this needs the owner to start one himself to prevent falling.

Finally, to describe what the actual sound effect of Play 7D is, I chose my favorite singer – Lin Zhixuan, his masterpiece can show the actual sound of this K song sound.

Lin Zhixuan “Never Left”

Connection method: Bluetooth

Audio format: FLAC

It is estimated that netizens are very curious, why will I choose Bluetooth mode? The sound that can sing the Bluetooth function well is not enough for home use, after all, we are not professional gamers. To be honest, Play 7D plays “Never Left”, you can achieve the feeling of human voice transparency, which is closer to the listening feeling of the Live scene, and the 80W power processing vocal is clean and transparent enough, and it is quite good to use this set of audio K songs.

Well, okay, I unconsciously talked so much with you, in fact, my intention is to share with you my experience of family K song sound. A microphone, a TV, can make family members happy and get a better mood, this is life. BINNIFA Play 7D has a good shape, and does not need too complicated wiring, dare to ask other brands at the same price, who else?

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