Don’t believe it, short-sleeved white shirts can also play with a variety of looks

I still remember

In the first two years, there was a sudden “white shirt fever”, and during that time, this basic item second only to the white T-shirt was held by everyone to a very high position and became the “standard for testing male gods”.

White shirts look good, of course, but if you look closely, you can easily see that the “white shirts” they say refer only to long-sleeved white shirts, excluding short-sleeved ones.

When it comes to short-sleeved shirts, many people will inevitably scoff at it, thinking that it is the “most deserved” black hole item.

This statement may be a little serious, but it also reflects everyone’s “dislike” of short-sleeved shirts from the side, maybe Hawaiian such a printed style is okay, accompanied by patterns, has become an eye-catcher, diverting the attention of others to the short-sleeved shirt itself.

Switching to a solid color model, without the decoration of pattern printing, especially white, you can most directly feel its “sluggishness”.

Some people should say, “Look at what people wear, look good and look good in how to wear it.”

But Ye Zi feels that the short-sleeved white shirt should be one of the most “equal” items, and many high-looking people wear it honestly, and it is not so wonderful.

I don’t know if you remember that in June last year, Vetements’ spring/summer 2020 collection released many such items, perhaps because the runway was arranged in McDonald’s, when these short-sleeved shirts Look slowly walked out, the most direct impression could not escape a tacky feeling, even if it was worn on the model.

▲ Vetements Spring/Summer 2020 collection

What’s so ugly about short-sleeved shirts, especially white ones?

First of all, compared with long-sleeved shirts, short sleeves are missing more than half of the sleeves, which makes it cool and casual.

But compared to the T-shirt, it has added slightly formal details such as plackets and lapels, not that casual “mix-and-match” is formal, but adding such details to such a short fit does not have enough visual space buffer, and it becomes a little weird.

The second is the color, white is very low-key, especially in summer, we do not refuse to come to white T-shirts, but when it is combined with short-sleeved shirts, low-key white will only make short-sleeved shirts look more unremarkable, and then increase the clumsy and abruptness of the fit itself, unlike Hawaiian shirts that are fancy and interesting.

Moreover, it is inherent understanding, because it is favored by many middle-aged and elderly people, white short-sleeved shirts are also used as summer uniforms for some units, so it will inevitably have a rustic, rigid, and inflexible feeling in our first impression.

However, just like the Polo shirt, which was also regarded as a “rustic representative” in the past, can now turn over and usher in its own spring, can the white short-sleeved shirt be less embarrassing today?

“Broken” and “standing” of white short-sleeved shirt

Admittedly, there is a very real problem in wanting to wear a short white shirt, it is more provocative.

In the vast majority of cases, tall and thin people have a greater advantage when wearing short white shirts, avoiding the added sense of weight to the already dull short-sleeved fit, and are much lighter and more agile.

So, the first step in wearing a short white shirt is to start with your figure.

It is also relatively simple, here we divide into two cases:

The first is the tall and thin body we mentioned above.

People of this figure wear short white shirts, if they are not overexerted and deliberately sell ugly, there will basically not be too many problems.

The only thing to note is to try to avoid styles that fit too closely, because a short-sleeved shirt that is too slim will highlight your already thin body, making people feel that you are too weak and lacking in momentum.

A normal or slightly wider fit is better for you.

Leaving enough space to match your body shape can further add lightness and flexibility, and also make your imposing feeling energetic.

The second is a person who is stronger, or a person with a plump body and a body that does not look slender enough.

For you, it is not the more the better, the general normal fit can be, and the focus of your attention is mainly on

Sleeve length


Thin people’s sleeves, whether shorter or longer, are not too important.

For a stronger and plump body, when choosing a short white shirt, the sleeve length should be short rather than long.

5 split sleeves

It is a good safety choice, based on 5 points sleeves, shorter than 5 points, under the shirt, your upper body may become more powerful and prominent.

Of course, it is okay to have longer sleeves, but pay attention to using it with a fit, if the sleeve length is more than 5 points, then the fit is better to be wider.

For example, Kanye is familiar with this truth, in fact, he has a good hand in wearing short white shirts.

Generally, it is a sleeve length of more than 5 points with a wider fit, even if this will increase the body volume a little, but he uses the oversize structure of the upper width and tight bottom to wear, which can also add a bit of dashing and flowing style to the short white shirt, which is worth knowing about people who are also strong and fat.

Not only white, but also another problem we often encounter when it comes to the sleeves of short-sleeved shirts

Convex cuffs

If you don’t know if rolling up the cuffs is good, or not?

Again, it depends on your body shape.

If your body is thin, then the cuff convex tip let it go, similarly, here is also for the need for a sense of weight, if not rolled, it will make your Look vision more imposing.

And if the body is strong and meets the cuff tip, it is better to roll it twice.

The rolled up cuffs can strengthen the overall sharpness of the white short shirt shape, especially the muscle line of your arm is still relatively good-looking, and the two rolls can focus the visual focus on the arm, even if the overall sleeve length becomes shorter, it doesn’t matter much, but also adds a capable and tough spirit.

In short white shirts, there are also different differences in collars:

One is the one that we very often close

Normal square collar

, the other is reproduced over the years under the influence of retroism, without a collar”

Bowling collar

“, also called “open collar”.

The open-collar white short shirt is mainly a highlight of the retro taste, in other words, it will look more “old-fashioned”, and the normal collar white short shirt will be relatively more modern.

▲ “Bowling collar” white short shirt

▲ Short white shirt with normal collar

Which of the two collar types to choose, in addition to your personal preferences, is also related to your specific driving ability.

The collarless open collar white short shirt, the overall texture is slightly softer, it doesn’t look too spiritual, so it will give people a lazy feeling, but the relative difficulty is much higher.

Ordinary collar shirts do not have this difficulty, especially when you choose a fabric with a thicker texture, not so transparent, unlike linen, and the shape is relatively structured, then it will suit the vast majority of people, and the style will feel fashionable.

When it comes to specific style matching, one of the most important questions is,

Short white shirts are generally not recommended for you to tuck into your pants

Even if you want to tie it, it is not recommended to choose a belt to tie it like the following, because the eye-catching belt together with the short white shirt will be more frustrating, especially woody and rustic.

In contrast, if there is no belt and a short white shirt, it becomes much more refreshing and neat.

If the shirt is a relatively square cut and the hem does not change in curve, then put it down, especially the retro open collar style, combined with loafers on the feet, immediately presents a summer leisure resort style, as a commuter outfit is particularly appropriate, both retaining the level of comfort and taking into account the style personality.

If you’re looking for something a little more retro, try wide-leg pants.

The combination of a loose white shirt and wide pants makes Dad style retro immediately come to life, with a strong street character in the relaxed freedom.

And if the hem is a curved cut, in addition to the white short shirt into the pants, you may also wish to try to wear it open, and then wear a T-shirt inside the shirt, it is best to use a white T-shirt, with a white short shirt together, with a relatively clean, fresh style effect.

Whether it’s paired with shorts or trousers, you’ll have a higher level at this time, and your look has a higher finish, free and light than the summer look.

Finally, there is another detail that is particularly worth mentioning, whether it is an open collar or a normal collar, you may wish to consider it when choosing a short white shirt

There are pockets on the chest

The style, especially the two pockets, will be better.

In the previous workwear shirt chapter, Ye Zi said that shirts with pockets have more obvious details than shirts without pockets, which will be more and more obvious on short white shirts, especially the style of flap patch pockets.

With this structure, your short white shirt will be easier to get rid of the rustic taste than the ordinary style, more focused on details, and no one will associate you with “dull”, and this will not hide the tough feeling that the pocket gives the shirt, and the style effect is more exciting.

Well, the above is the introduction of the white short-sleeved shirt in this issue of Ye, after reading it, have the friends changed their views on it, or jumped to give it a try?

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