A retro and romantic gradient sweater not to be missed in autumn and winter

Gradient sweater + solid color T-shirt + casual sweatpants

Footwear: Versatile color-block windsurfing shoes

Some boys will feel that sweater wearing is not recommended; However, for boys in the south, there is an option to wear out; For boys in the north, it can be worn as an underwear, such a practical outfit, there is really no reason not to recommend it! Especially the retro and romantic gradient sweaters, don’t miss it in autumn and winter! For this collocation, choose a gradient sweater on the upper body, a vintage, romantic, and fashionable style; Layered over a black T-shirt, it is visually personal and not obtrusive; Considering that the pants on the model are not very resistant to dirt, so choose a gray cargo sweatpants for the lower body, which is versatile and practical; Just choose a color-block shoe.

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