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I believe that many ououers will feel muscle soreness after playing a hearty ball game, which is caused by excessive exercise leading to the accumulation of a large amount of lactic acid in the body, not unbearable soreness, but due to the long recovery period, it will more or less affect daily life and sports. Xiaobian found that many ououers have paid attention to functional equipment, such as protective gear, tights, compression clothing and so on.

Daily we learn about compression clothing brands such as Skins, CW-X, 2XU, etc., and there may be ououer who propose X-Bionic, Under Armour, etc., but in fact, X-Bionic produces a kind of compression non-compression clothing, that is, (bionic) functional clothing, and Under Armour is the leader in the tights industry, and brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and other brands also have tights products.

The difference between compression garments and tights is that they have a different focus on functionality. The original role of compression clothing was in the medical field, mainly for the treatment of diseases with “swelling” symptoms such as lymphedema; Later, gradient compression stockings were found to have a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on diseases such as varicose veins. After that, people in the sports community became interested in gradient compression socks, and after a series of research and analysis on it, it was found that compression equipment can improve jumping ability to a certain extent. Subsequently, the medical and athletic communities began to study the effects of compression equipment on performance and recovery.

Compression clothing can be regarded as an enhanced version of tights, but tights do not have the special function of compression clothing – through gradient compression to achieve different pressures on different parts of the body, that is, the farther away from the heart, the greater the pressure, accelerate blood circulation, thereby accelerating the speed of oxygen delivery to the moving muscle groups, stimulating the vitality of muscle groups, accelerating lactic acid excretion, reducing lactic acid accumulation, and accelerating body recovery. And, because the compression garment has a greater compression strength, it is more effective in preventing muscle tremors during exercise, thereby reducing unnecessary energy loss. The simple summary is: wrap muscles, accelerate blood circulation, support muscle groups, reduce physical energy loss, and relieve fatigue after exercise.

The principle of compression pants (picture from CW-X official website)

And tights do not have the characteristics of compression clothing in terms of function, and they are not as expensive as compression clothing in price. Simply put, this is the main difference between the two.

So, in football, is it necessary to choose compression clothing?


First we need to understand how compression clothing works. The effect of compression clothing is terminal compression, forcing distal blood backflow, in other words, muscle congestion during exercise, blood circulation is reduced, compression clothing compression pants can reduce the degree of congestion, thereby promoting blood circulation. The accelerated blood circulation can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, mobilize the function of the body’s muscle groups, and delay the period of muscle soreness and fatigue.


When fatigue caused by long-term exercise, the body will become uncoordinated, football is a sport that is careful about the amount of running, running, dribbling, scrambling, shooting and other actions on the knees are also very high, compression clothes compression pants can better support the knees, core muscles and back, so that the movement is smoother.


Compression clothes and compression pants have better sweat and breathability performance than general sportswear, quickly emit water vapor in winter to retain body surface temperature, and timely discharge sweat in summer to keep the body dry and comfortable.

[With so many choices, which is the best?] 】

The word “good” is too general, different brands focus on different scientific and technological points, simple good or bad is difficult to judge, Xiaobian suggests that the majority of ououer or according to their actual needs to choose, such as sports shoes are also divided into basketball shoes, football shoes, running shoes, etc., facing different audiences, different functions, only through price and brand to decide is one-sided and biased.


SKINS comes from Australia’s world’s top gradient compression equipment brand, and “gradient compression technology” is the most commendable.

Skins A400

High-end model for people who exercise more than 10 hours a week. Using “dynamic gradient compression” technology, which is sewn using biomechanical principles, it provides controlled and consistent support in the inclined part of the spine and shoulder blades, and also uses an armpit stretch vent and silicone strip to prevent the garment from rolling up. Suitable for heavy exercisers, the A400 compression point allows precise pressure to be applied to the right parts of the body.

Skins RY400

It is a recovery series derived from the A400 series, specially designed for post-exercise recovery, special materials to accurately support important sports muscle groups and reduce sports muscle tremor. Helps recover from soft tissue injuries and relieves muscle soreness after exercise. Not only suitable for post-training and intense competitions. Wearing it while sleeping will get better recovery results, which is why it is known as the new generation of pajamas.

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CW-X is a compression clothing brand from Japan, second only to SKINS, in addition to the characteristics of comfortable wearing and good breathability, it effectively protects the muscles of the waist, knees and calves through a special mechanical structure, which can effectively reduce muscle soreness after exercise. This brand is not sold in China, and ououer who wants to buy can only seek to buy on behalf of him.


2XU is also an Australian brand, because of its low profile, it has not been promoted much in China, and fewer people know about it in China. In addition to the basic compression suit, the 2XU also has high-end models, warm and restored models, and also models designed for golf. This brand is similar to CW-X’s situation, and ououer who wants to buy can seek to buy on behalf of him.

Under Armour

UA comes from the United States and mainly produces sports equipment. Of course, most people in China are familiar with UA may be because of Johnson, Team America, Curry and other stars.

If you are muscular enough, UA’s tights will definitely make your male hormones burst, and the fashionable design and fitted cut have made many friends who love sports and fitness become UA fans. The difference between UA tights and compression clothing has been mentioned above and will not be repeated. The price of tights is cheaper than compression clothing, and ououer with less functional requirements can be considered.


NIKE PRO is a collection of intimate sportswear with good elasticity, which combines sports function and wearing comfort for athletes. In sports, it is worn as a close-fitting sweatshirt or an outfit in the innermost layer of clothing; It can also be worn during training or other fitness exercises.

adidas techfit

The adidas Techfit series is an “artificial skin” that provides athletes with a layer of super functionality. The 3D Pattern fit will not only help you fit your body in action, but also take comfort to a new level. The adidas TechFit series also uses Climacool’s breathable material, which prevents tight clothes from sticking to sweat-covered skin after sweat absorption, thus keeping the surface of the body cool and dry.

Having said all this, as far as the compression of tight clothing brands is concerned, it is recommended to choose Skins for compression and if it is mainly warm and sweat-conductive, it is recommended to choose Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and other brands. The more high-end the major brands are, the higher the cost performance, of course, you must first position your psychological price point. If you are not sure whether to choose compression clothing or tight clothing, first look at your sports needs. Long-term insistence on exercise, whether it is kicking or running or other fitness, compression clothing is undoubtedly a better choice, for people who do not have too much exercise, you can choose tight clothing.

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