Dry goods: How to choose so many leggings!

The most women are probably leggings, various colors and thicknesses and patterns, as if they seem to be the same, but in fact, the learning is particularly large.

Thickness of leggings:

1. Under 20D is suitable for summer

2. 30D to 100D is suitable for spring and autumn

3. 100D to 200D is suitable for autumn

4. 300D to 800D is suitable for early winter

5. Above 800D is suitable for deep winter

Color of leggings:

The colors are even more varied, mainly we wear these three more in winter

1. Gray (divided into dark, medium and light) versatile

2. Brown (dark brown, black brown, light brown) suitable for warm colors

3. Black is versatile

Pattern of leggings

1. Glossy Suitable for girls with thin legs

2. Stripes are suitable for a variety of leg shapes, because stripes modify people’s legs well

(Mine is basically vertical striped leggings, very good to wear)

Vertical stripes are also divided into thin and thick, thin ones are more leg straight, thick can be seen with the naked eye, suitable for matching some simple clothes to increase texture.

The crotch of the leggings is very important, because it will affect whether the crotch can be removed, try to choose the back is two bars and one bar in front.

The inner lint must not choose a particularly long hair, but choose a high density.

At the ankles, some girls have thin ankles, leggings will not fit, will not look good, to see the size of the ankles, choose the right one.

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