I didn’t listen to the opinions of professionals during the renovation, and I insisted on 6 grounded decisions, and I found it too practical to move in

It’s okay to ask a designer to help you when decorating, but some “professionals” really hide a lot of traps, and one has to pay IQ tax if you don’t pay attention. Therefore, when decorating, you may wish to stick to some grounded decisions, but it will be more comfortable after moving in.

1. The living room is not equipped with net red chandeliers

Now many designers like to recommend the living room to install Internet celebrity lamps, whatever

Molecular lamps, chandeliers, tassel lamps, feather lamps

, no main lights, etc., each looks beautiful and exquisite, but the real installation at home is particularly chicken.

The shape of net celebrity lamps is more complicated,

Difficult to install

, and if the living room floor is low, installing lamps and lanterns takes up more space, and the interior is depressing. The point is that over time,

Lamps are difficult to clean

, especially molecular lamps, a layer of dust inside the lampshade, neither clean nor beautiful, really not as beautiful as imagined.

The living room lighting still adheres to the principle of simplicity and generosity, such as installing downlights or spotlights, the indoor space will look more atmospheric and tidy, and the durability is high.

2. Large single tank for kitchen sink

There are various types of kitchen sinks, and many people recommend installing double slots during the first decoration, but the double groove space is small when used, and many pots cannot be placed, which simply increases the difficulty of cleaning, and is really not as cool as a large single trough.

Place an extra telescopic drainage rack next to the single tank, and the washed dishes and chopsticks are placed here, which is convenient and convenient.

3. Socket with switch

Even if a lot of sockets are arranged in the decoration, many places are covered by furniture or soft furnishings when they are available, which is more troublesome to use. Later, it was replaced with a socket with a switch, which is indeed a lot more convenient,

No need to plug and unplug frequently

, safe and hassle-free, super practical.

4. Do not spray the bathroom

Although the top spray shower in the bathroom gives a tall feeling,

However, the top spray is more water-intensive when used

, and the height is too high, it is very inconvenient to adjust the water flow angle, and for a long time, there is more scale attached around the top spray, and it is difficult to clean.

When I thought about these problems, I didn’t listen to the designer.

An ordinary thermostatic shower is installed, and it is also good to use

, aesthetics is also OK, suitable for home. Of course, if you are not short of money, it is not a big problem to install an extra top spray.

5. Choose a long strip for the toilet floor drain

The bathroom floor drain is well done, so that it will not flood the gold mountain in the future. Therefore, details are very important when decorating, such as floor drains should be installed at the lowest point of the bathroom, and the surrounding tile laying should also have a slope to ensure drainage speed.

In addition, a long floor drain can be used, which has a fast drainage speed and a large amount of drainage, which is not prone to clogging problems. If the bathroom area is relatively small, it can be

The long floor drain is designed at the boundary between wet and dry, effectively preventing water from flowing out of the shower area

, more practical than water retaining strips.

6. Bedroom equipped with double control switch

The single-control switch can easily reduce happiness, after all, in the big winter, who wants to get out of the bed and turn off the light?

You may wish to design a dual-control switch when decorating,

Install one in the door and one at the head of the bed, so that you can turn off the lights at night.


Paired with a voice-activated night light

, Get up at night to go to the toilet without turning on the headlights, very worry-free, the more comfortable the bedroom!

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