The fox fur coat that everyone loves, a classic that will not go out of style for ten years

Today’s editor is really loved by everyone, eight or nine out of ten babies will like it when they see it.

I really can’t fault any problems in the style and design of this one. Fox fur, suit collar, double-breasted, long belt, fitted fit, just the right length. I really admire the designer, who perfectly combined these seemingly ordinary elements to create such a beautiful coat.

Good-looking, practical, good matching, fairy and royal sister fan, really recommended! A classic that won’t go out of style for ten years! The body is handmade pure wool double-sided, and the texture is thick, soft and crisp, which is not the ordinary bargain that is hard, thin and piercing the skin.

The fur collar and cuffs are made of white fox fur, and the large fox fur collar has a face-slimming effect that defines the neck line. The fox fur cuffs are flexible and flowing, and they exude a charming and moving temperament. Large fox fur collar, with a face-slimming effect and a defining neck line. Fox back hair is the best position of the fox’s hair, the amount of hair is full, the hair needles are distinct, flexible and flowing, less floating hair, white fox is cleaner than other foxes, no variegated, no black needles.

Large pocket design, convenient and practical, but also can enrich the front design of clothes, double side inner pockets, hemming design, smooth workmanship, fine stitching. The fox fur can be detachable design, can be worn alone in the woolen jacket, and is also easy to clean and maintain. The elegance of the high-quality double-sided tweed blends vividly with the prestige of fox fur.

The clothes are large with a comfortable wrapped slightly cocoon design, suitable for all kinds of figures, the length of the buttocks is very warm, the upper body has its own aura, and the dropped shoulder sleeves carry the natural gentle elegance of small women, adding points to the thinness. The hooded design and the brim fox fur collar can not only block the wind and keep warm, but also define the shape of the face.

The classic loose fit looks slim and doesn’t drag around, and it’s fitted with a detachable cloth belt at the waist to cinch the waist, no cinch/open multi-wear. The silhouette and waist are combined with “can A can be desired”, salt or sweet, concave shape is appropriate. The looser fit, not picky, is very inclusive of the figure, can perfectly modify the figure, making the whole coat a versatile piece that looks thin and does not pick people.

You don’t need to think about matching more, even the most basic pieces can create a priceless price. The pure French slightly cocooned straight silhouette is relaxed and unrestrained at the same time, but also has a bit of slimming and uplifting. It’s easy to wear a sassy posture, and the sense of luxury is also about to come out.

This issue is here, see you in the comment area of your thoughts, your ideas are the theme of my next issue. If the “Jimei” have any collocation questions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and the editor will answer them one by one. Pay attention to Xiwen not to get lost.

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