90% of people have these shoes, but not many wear them well

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Today, I opened the calendar and found that it was already the autumnal equinox.

Yesterday, the comic small theater posted how to wear autumn, and as a result, many people in the comment area were shouting that there is no autumn in Guangdong, and the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai free postal areas are also in stove mode these two days, and autumn clothes have to be put on hold for a while for the time being

But there’s a pair of shoes that’s perfect for the transition season, and guess which one?

It’s loafers. ▼

If you live in Guangzhou, you can wear loafers all year round haha. I myself am a loafer shoe controller, I don’t know it, there are about 10 pairs in the shoe cabinet, flat-soleed, mid-heeled, and thick-soled. Because it is too comfortable to wear, the “one pedal” shoe shape is easy to put on and take off, and the walking is also stable, usually love to wear, and often bring a pair on business trips. ▼

Originally, I thought that loafers were still very versatile and were one of the shoes that were the least likely to be idle. However, two assistant chicks said that the pair they bought before was eating ash most of the time, and it was not as easy to wear as expected.

Let’s talk about it today,

How to improve the utilization of this pair of shoes that almost everyone has

bar. ▼

I’ve summarized some tips for choosing and collocation, let’s take a look together:

Example statement: This article

Does not contain any commercial soft implants

To increase the utilization rate of loafers

First of all, you have to choose the right style

Samantha, who is in the bag number next door, says her loafers have been idle for a long time, why? Because she bought a domineering snake print model. Ask her why she bought it at the time, and she is embarrassed to say that it is because it happens to be on sale. Haha, did you guys have this experience too

? Oh, that’s it

The first step in improving utilization is definitely to choose the right style. It is recommended that everyone start with the basic colors.

✔ The colors are preferred in classic black, white and brown

In the pure color system, black, white and brown are the most classic. Depending on the style, the preferred style is also different.

The first choice for handsome friends is naturally black. It is also the most popular color, and the little friends with many dark clothes in the wardrobe are especially suitable for this color. ▼

It goes well with shirts, wide-leg pants, jeans and other items that can be worn in all seasons. Look at the street photography of the loafers mad demon damei, it can be said that stepping on loafers to walk the world haha ~ ▼

If you have more light-colored clothes in the wardrobe and like a refreshing style, white loafers can come with a pair. White loafers are also easier to create a high-end feel. ▼

The utilization rate of autumn and winter white shoes is higher than expected. Because autumn and winter clothes are thicker and heavier, shoes are lighter and better. However, pay more attention to the color matching than spring and summer. It will be more harmonious with light colors. ▼

Now that autumn is in, you can also get a pair of brown ones. Brown loafers are more

Autumn and winter atmosphere

, perfect for pairing with earthy tones. For those who dress in a retro style, the first choice is also brown. ▼

Now many brands also have lively color loafers, but they will be more picky and matching clothes, and the probability of idleness is relatively high.

If you wear it, remember to pay attention to the echo of the color~

✔ If you want to be lively, you can choose a black and white color-block style

Color blocking is also a classic design of loafers, especially black and white color blocking, which can often be seen. It is the best match in the color blocking, with light and dark colors. ▼

Brown and white also belong to the insurance model, which has a little more retro taste. ▼

Too many colors and too fancy color-block loafers should be carefully chosen!

Sister Joy bought a pair of pink and brown before, and the utilization rate was particularly low, and she had to find clothes of the same color every time she wore it. ▼

✔ Flat loafers are the most classic, and small people choose the most solid heels

Loafers were originally exclusive to men, so the most classic in height is the flat one.

The flat bottom is generally very light on the feet, high in comfort, and the style is also the most simple and handsome. ▼

But it is not a tall shoe, and small people can wear it with shorts and short skirts.

I prefer loafers with block heels, and I wear a few pairs to events.

It is better to follow 4-7cm

, walk steadily, as if walking on the ground. ▼

Loafers with heels can also make people look more upright, the style will add a bit of retro feel, and it is OK to wear them to work. ▼

However, some of the upper feet of the medium block heel style will be a little heavy, so you need to pick it well.

Some friends may ask, is the platform loafer worth buying in the past two years?

If you are after classics, thin-bottomed ones will be more suitable. If you already have a pair of classic models, you can also consider buying a pair of thick-bottomed ~▼

It is quite different from the ordinary loafer style. The style will be a little cute~▼

But pay attention when choosing,

The height of the waterproof platform should preferably not exceed 3cm

, otherwise it will look too bulky, and there will be problems with not heeling feet.

❌ Animal prints and other more special styles, the probability of idleness is very high

Although the animal print style mentioned earlier is very personal, if you are not a person with a very distinctive dressing style, choose carefully. ▼

The matching of loafers cannot ignore these points

❌ Wear trousers that are too long and loose

✔ Expose the ankles

The neutral nature of loafers is destined to match the handsomeness of pants, but it is not casual to look good.

It is not suitable for pairing with too long pants, and it will look a little stuffy when the entire upper is covered.

This kind of wide and long matching flat shoes are not very good-looking, especially for small people. ▼

If the pants are too long and form wrinkles at the ankles, they will appear draggy and lose the taste of loafers. ▼

Loafers want to look good and show your ankles.

Change to a pant length of eight or nine points, even if you wear it heavily, it will not look particularly heavy visually. ▼

On the trouser shape,

Smoking pants and suit pants are most recommended

, The handsomeness and formality of these two pants themselves are very compatible with the temperament of loafers, and they are the most simple and neat to match. ▼

Among them, the plaid pants style will be more British. Blogger Yevgeniya Topyer-Krist tied a striped thin sweater around his shoulder, which will make the whole less serious and a little more casual. ▼

Jeans and loafers also go super well. More recommended

Tapered pants and straight-leg pants

, their pants are straight as a whole, and the style is simple and neat. Also take care not to be too long and not to pile on the upper. ▼

By the way, it’s best not to wear long trousers

Wear a coat that is too long and heavy

, otherwise it will be very pressive and appear top-heavy. ▼

Friends who feel cold ankles don’t worry, we’ll talk about wearing socks later.

❌ Wear a long skirt that reaches to the ankles

✔ It is best to expose a section of calf skin

✔ The best CPs are pleated skirts, A-line skirts

Although the overall style of loafers is neutral, it belongs to the handsome style of Sven, so it looks good with a gentle or cute skirt, and it can collide with a sense of contrast~▼

The points of wearing a long skirt are similar to long pants, and they are all the best

“Short cut”

Rizari Madou often likes to wear ankle-length skirts with loafers, but in fact, it is very picky, and tall friends may not be able to hold it. ▼

Choose a midi skirt with a length of the calf, long and short, the key is to expose a piece of calf skin, wearing the body will not be too dull, and it is also suitable for wearing the weather just in autumn~

Among them, the pleated skirt is a special match with it, both of which are a bit preppy attributes. ▼

The A-line skirt goes well with it. Many people worry that they will look childish in this style, so they need a little formal piece to balance. Skirts and dresses are available. ▼

When autumn and winter are a little colder, you can also try the combination of A-line leather skirt + black tights + loafers, I often wear it like this because it seems that the legs are very thin haha. ▼

Loafers and sexy hip skirts don’t fit well, and they feel like they don’t fit together. ▼

❌ Wear clothes that are too sporty and too casual

✔ Wear something handsome or with a bit of formality

There aren’t a lot of sporty items this year, and they don’t really go well with loafers. Like sporty shorts and leggings, these don’t look good together. ▼

A good loafer pairing, or need a little more

Formal or handsome pieces

Be around.

Suits and trench coats are the perfect companions for loafers. ▼

Just the suit is not right, and other items can not be too casual or even a little pajamas, such as this polka-dot pants, which pulls down the overall texture. ▼

❌ Wear medium socks

✔ Just wear socks that are near the ankle, black and white socks are the least prone to error

We have written about white socks before (poke blue words can be reviewed), and many friends left messages saying that it seems that loafers and white socks are the best match. I agree! ▼

Loafers with socks are no longer a novelty, and there are also a variety of socks.

It is quite common to wear medium socks, but I don’t recommend it very much, firstly, it is not so daily, and secondly, if the calf line is not good-looking, it is quite exposing the shortcomings. ▼

It is better to choose a length of socks near the ankle. ▼

If you want to show your skin a little and look refreshed, you can

Flick it down

, creates a little wrinkle and looks more casual. ▼

Black and white socks are not error-prone choices. White socks reduce age, more sense of style, this year is more popular. ▼

There are also some more special sock styles, such as this one with a little lace, and a little more details are also interesting. ▼

But don’t choose too flowery lace, it doesn’t look so high-class.

However, it is estimated that many friends are still not very accustomed to white socks.

Then choose black socks, which are cooler and sometimes you can wear little booties. But also pay attention to the combination between shoes, socks and pants,

It is best to have shoes and socks of the same color, or socks and pants of the same color

In autumn and winter, you can also prepare some dark color socks, such as burgundy, dark green, check, etc., remember to choose the same color system as other items on the body, the whole will not be too inconsistent.

Li Becca’s words:

That’s it for loafers.

What’s your favorite shoe lately? Welcome to the message area to share with me~

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I’m here today, I wish everyone to wear their favorite shoes and go anywhere they want ~ Good night 🙂

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