Street photography: summer high boots beauty, double heroic and sassy

1. It is already an indisputable fact that high boots can be worn all year round. This past summer was extremely hot, but the beauty was still very enthusiastic in high boots. Now at the turn of summer and autumn, beautiful women can show off their skills in high boots. Today, we will take a look at the new choices and new combinations of beautiful women for high boots.

2. These two beauties, with dresses paired with black velvet half-heeled boots, the effect is very good. The style of the dress is also very exquisite, with a stand collar, puff sleeves, continuous living pleats on the shoulders, and a pleated design on the skirt. This dress itself is very able to express the curves of the body, coupled with the elevated temperament of high boots, two beautiful women wearing the same clothes, walking side by side, which is undoubtedly a very bright scenery.



5. Beautiful women wear high boots in all seasons, which is very related to the increasing material and variety of high boots, which enriches the choice of beautiful women. Now, in the fashion district, we can see a wide variety of tall boots. This beautiful woman’s high boots are very novel, this is the PVC transparent high boots that have just appeared in the past two years. Although PVC is plastic, but the use of this name, coupled with the major brands have launched PVC clothing items, PVC is worth a hundred times. This beauty’s transparent boots have black toe and heel trims, as well as a little heel. Wearing this shoe, the most important keyword is fashion, no matter how to match, there is a fashion halo.


7. The high boots chosen by these two beauties are also new materials and colors, which are very eye-catching. In particular, the tall boots made of denim fabric are really distinctive. The boots also have a beggar’s torn design, and the high boots can be sized above the knee and can still be kept from falling off. The slenderness and length of the heel are also amazing. It’s really nice to wear such a pair of high boots. The beauty is paired with a pair of denim shorts and a small cotton jacket on the top, which is comfortable and innovative, and it will definitely not collide. Another beauty chose ivory white lace-up high boots, which are also very chic, with white sweatshirts, clean and fresh, and student atmosphere, very youthful.





12. The tall boots of these two beauties are related to sports series, and the materials of the shoes are becoming more and more lightweight and very grounded. A beauty wearing a denim, her high boots are canvas, which is the same material used to make basketball and volleyball canvas shoes, and the sole is a rubber sole, which is not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also can feel the technological content of sneakers. Such high boots carry a cool and sassy wind, which is very energizing to the wearer. Beautiful women with denim shorts and denim jackets, a combination of youthful style and tough style, is a very good match.




16. This beauty chooses loose hard high boots with shiny leather, good cowhide, especially shiny and textured. Loose boots, no restraints, but also slimmer legs. The most important thing is that this boot is particularly long.



20. These two beauties opt for classic black matte fleece high boots. One beautiful woman wears a high heel, and the other chooses a basically flat heel. This style and material of tall boots is truly versatile. Whether it’s paired with pants or skirts, it’s nice. Beautiful woman in trousers, the pants chosen are very slim, the top chooses a black short-sleeved T-shirt, with high-heeled boots, the matching effect, in addition to the sassy heroic posture is sassy heroic.

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