Timeless and super versatile|These classic handbags you must have one in your lifetime!

↑↑Less than 1% of the world’s people pay attention to Big Meow, you are really a tasteful person.

To tell you a truth, there is nothing in the world that cannot be solved by one package, if anything, then buy two.

Our girls have always bought bags with good roots, so they didn’t buy them on a whim! We are also very principled.

1. Practical, to meet the needs of most occasions.

2. Good matching, will not limit the type of clothes, business and casual can be matched.

3. It will not be outdated, and you can also carry it out in a few years.

So, you straight guys get it, right?

Next, Big Meow gives you some enduring bag brands of Amway~

All of them are sought-after products in the current fashion circle, and even have the potential to inherit fashion, as if they want to become new classics.

Delvaux Tempête

Understated luxury

Delvaux is an old-timer in the bag world

Even if it was born in 1854


Born in 1849


Even earlier, it was born in 1837


They also had to be given to 1829

A year before its native Belgium

Delvaux bowed

Olivia Palermo went to the show with the classic black Tempête.

Delvaux Tempête black large handbag Reference price: 50,300CNY

Balenciaga Le Dix

Simplicity and coolness go hand in hand

Although Daren and Balenciaga have broken up amicably, the first bag he designed for his former owner, Le Dix, has been a success.

The design of simple shape + metal buckle will skillfully integrate the usual coolness of Darenge with French elegance.

The small Cartable S model is relatively less powerful, and it can be carried on the shoulder or in hand, which is full of girly feeling. Later, the zipper design of the Zip Cartable model was launched, and the brand of “Wang Daren” became more and more obvious.

George Clooney’s wife, Amal Clooney, uses Le Dix for workplace outfits.

Ashley Benson favored the smaller Le Dix.

Céline Classic Box

One more look at you in the crowd

The Céline Classic Box, inspired by handbags from the 1970s, is full of clean details and a vintage feel. As soon as it was launched, this bag was immediately loved by fashion bloggers and hipsters, and until now it is a favorite handbag among fashion people. The ordinary leather is lambskin, smooth and oily, and the inside test of the handbag is also lambskin, and even the small pockets inside the bag are also lambskin. There are three sizes of large, medium and small.

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni has used Classic Box in her looks many times.

Chinese fashion blogger Aimee Song’s all-black look is highlighted by the Classic Box’s gold clasp.

Céline Classic Box black medium handbag Reference price: 27,000CNY

Louis Vuitton Twist

Hipster street photography favorite

Twist PM (left) and Twist MM (right)

The girl who despises the LV big logo all day, look at the Twist of the early spring 2015 collection, will you still think so? The simple and elegant silhouette is quite in line with the temperament of High fashion, and it is also interesting to design the logo as a lock. The Twist series has two models, MM and PM, PM square, and MM lines are more elegant.

Twist has been very popular since its debut, and stars such as Karlie Kloss, Chloë Moretz, and Liu Wen have all carried it, covering all ages. However, I personally feel that it looks better to hold it like a model.

Louis Vuitton Twist Series (trumpet)

Reference price: about 17400CNY

I hope that all straight boy friends will take the initiative to realize after seeing today’s push, and Meibi will open the shopping basket after seeing it.

Finally, don’t forget to advise: like a bean, it is fashionable enough to hold a small bag in your hand.

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