This is the decoration style of the home, pink children’s room, with cute children’s curtains, dreamy

Next to the entrance is the living room and dining room area, the original wood floor, wall cabinets including furniture, in addition to the dining room is used chandeliers, the living room is a combination of track lights and ceiling lights, the space is spacious and does not press the floor height.

The living room here is in the form of a set of islands and tables, the island serves as a storage table and storage cabinet, and a layered round chandelier sets the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The dining table is formed by the island to form a restaurant, whether it is daily dining, office, chat, the dining table can be used diversified. The sideboard counters and storage cabinets are well-proportioned and can be used as storage spaces as display tables or bookshelf placements.

The location of the original restaurant is made into a storage cabinet to the top on both sides, and part of the space is left at the bottom of one side to make a place for the puppy to sleep, and the area of the restaurant is inside, the wooden floor to small tiles, the kitchen here is made of glass doors, and the door is closed when the smoke is heavy, and the daily life is open and ventilated and spacious.

The kitchen L-shaped kitchen counter design, small flower tiles, mosaic wall tiles and wood-colored storage cabinets are mixed and matched, but also have a special scenery, the kitchen window with blinds has a special summer feeling, fresh and warm. The kitchen gives the hostess enough space to operate, even if only two or three meals a week is a pleasure.

A small door of Changhong glass between the refrigerator and the kitchen counter leads to the small balcony of the living area, and the use of Changhong glass is opaque and does not affect the beauty of appearance.

From the entrance to the washstand cleaning to the guest sofa rest or dining room, the whole complete circulation line is very convenient and fast, the living room abandons the traditional complex TV cabinet and occupies the area of the sofa, choose a simple style, splicing square sofa, free combination type is stronger and more durable.

The master bedroom uses a light gray background wall and chandelier without main lamp to create a simple and comfortable nest, and a comfortable wooden bed has a floating sideboard storage at both ends of the bed.

The master bedroom comes with a master bathroom space, and in order to increase storage space, part of the main bathroom area is sacrificed to create a corridor-style cabinet.

Although the two owners do not have children at present, they have also planned a children’s room, cute small wooden beds and a blackboard wall that can be drawn on the wall, which is an entertainment space for big friends when there are no children.

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