Top 10 brands of air purifiers Ranking What brand to choose for air purifiers

With the increasing level of environmental damage, the problem of air pollution has become an inescapable reality in the lives of urban dwellers around the world. When we get up in the morning, push open the doors and windows, and greet us is no longer the bright sunshine and fresh air, but a gray sky, which is already common in daily life.

Today’s air quality is really much lower than before, and indoor is also very easy to appear formaldehyde, toluene, allergens and other harmful pollution pollution, so it is urgent to remove polluted air indoors. Stay indoors, and also get used to turning on the air purifier to keep the indoor air environment clean. Air purifier has become a must for healthy life, what brand of air purifier is good? You can choose the top ten brands of air purifiers to rank the enterprise products, whether it is purification effect or quality and after-sales service are very leading and excellent.

One of the top ten brands of air purifiers Stavo air purifiers

As the world’s first brand engaged in air pollution control and purifier product development, Stevo air purifier has a “leader” position in the industry, has won many international brand awards and related science and technology awards, and is unanimously recognized as one of the top ten brands of air purifiers in the industry. Stevo brand has royal blood, high-end quality, from the United Kingdom, is a well-known British air purifier brand, one of the top ten international high-end air purifier brands, the most mature air purifier enterprise in the industry in research and development, production technology.

Air purifier top ten brands ranked second Daikin air purifier

Daikin Air Purifier Streamer is a plasma discharge technology that can generate a large number of high-speed electrons in three-dimensional space. Compared with common discharge technology, streamer energy has a wide range of discharge technology and strong persistence, and the high-speed electrons generated are easier to combine with oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air, resulting in strong oxidative decomposition ability and rapid decomposition of a variety of harmful substances.

Air purifier top ten brands ranked three TOSOT air purifiers

Damatsu TOSOT, started in 1989, the original Gree small household appliances upgrade brand, Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. under the large small household appliances professional manufacturer, with high quality and fashion exquisite design to win the market. Since the establishment of Gree Electric Appliances, the company has continuously strengthened its comprehensive advantages in R&D, production and sales, continuously expanded production capacity, expanded product varieties, and consolidated its position as a top manufacturer of small household appliances. At present, after the optimization and reorganization of all aspects, and the adoption of various resource advantage platforms of Gree Electric Appliances, the company has rapidly developed its production capacity, R&D technical strength, management ability, supply chain, etc. a big step forward.

Ranked fourth of the top ten brands of air purifiers


air purifier

Lake’s brand vision is to build a premium brand and strive to become a leader in the field of clean and healthy small household appliances, in order to fulfill this commitment, Lake will work tirelessly to focus on every detail of building a great brand, that is, originality, professionalism, quality and ultimate user experience. With Lake, you can enjoy the world’s best quality of life today, and your life will be different from now on.

Top 10 brands of air purifiers ranked 5th


EraClean TOWER has always been committed to innovative technology research and development, people live in a better environment, EraClean TOWER global research and technology development center has comprehensive research and development capabilities, with systematic environmental equipment to solve problems, and strive to provide people with a safe and comfortable living environment. EraClean TOWER has established an original high-quality technical system supported by aerodynamics, material science and other technologies.

Air pollution is not a problem that can be solved in a short period of time, and we can only protect our health if we take precautions at all times.

Top 10 brands of air purifiers Ranking What brand to choose for air purifiers

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