The Year of the Rooster stamps are issued today and the online pre-sale price has increased fivefold

Legal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Xin, Editor Wang Hejian) This morning, the special stamps of “Ding Younian” were officially released, which is the second set of the fourth round of zodiac stamps. A reporter from the Legal Evening News (WeChat ID: fzwb_52165216) saw in a number of stamp sales outlets that although the temperature was very low and the visibility was poor on a winter morning, there were still many postal fans who waited in long queues overnight to snap up.

Before the sale, the reporter saw on many e-commerce platforms that the fourth round of chicken tickets was hot before it was sold. The face price of a set of two coins is 2.4 yuan, and the online pre-sale price is about 15 yuan, an increase of about 5 times. A set of two chicken editions with a face value of 38.4 yuan, the online store price is about 150 yuan, an increase of about 3 times.

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