“Surprise/scary” pen storage, these designs are simply amazing

Today, I will share the small peripherals of some pen brands that are “not doing business” and have bells and whistles.


Kaweco’s pen holder design is quite interesting. The appearance is a dice, which is interesting to put on the table as a decoration. Outsiders don’t think about anything to do with fountain pens.

In fact, the small round holes on the dice side are hollowed out, which can be used to place pens, and the practicality and aesthetics are very good.

And the pen holder made of cement, don’t you sound very puzzled? But Kaweco did it… A pen holder mixed with concrete and resin, Aka really has ideas.

Kaweco also has a very personal pen base, the shape of a shepherd, “holding” a pen in the mouth, this shape is very realistic, put at home can deter bear children. After all, “dog mouth grabbing the pen” is a little scary.


Since you said dogs, let’s talk about a bird.

Pelikan’s ornament should be familiar to many people. Combined with the image of his own “endorsement bird” pelican bird, Baili Gold directly designed a storage pen knick-knack.

The exterior is also very decorative, like a statue. But this pelican has an opening in its mouth from which a pen can be inserted, which looks like a pelican bird latching onto to a pen with its mouth.

There are also styles that are placed directly on the base. But it doesn’t look so creative.


The pen holder designed by Benu for his own fountain pen has a cool feeling, transparent resin material, like ice cubes, like diamonds,

Among them, the transparent blue one is still luminous, emitting a faint green light in the dark.

Look at another “netherworld” black skull shape, and there are “notches” on the skull from the side.

Put these two pieces together at night, get up in the middle of the night and take a look at the table, the green light reflects on the skull of the skeleton, will the timid person be directly “sent away”?


Mahogany was once considered a favorite material for the elderly, while the young disliked the material. Visconti made it into a pen cabinet, which has the appearance of mahogany furniture.

But when I opened it, it suddenly seemed to be good. Made of solid mahogany, it has a good texture.

The roller-shaped opening and closing design holds up to 12 pens in the slot drawer.

“lift the hijab” upwards, you can see your “harem beauty”, this full sense of ceremony, absolutely amazing!

However, this is a pen storage case produced by Visconti in 2000, which has long been discontinued. Don’t worry.

Don’t know whose design is your favorite?

(From Pen Detoxification Room)

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