Taiwan media: A woman in Taiwan tied 5 sons with a rope and jumped into the sea to commit suicide, and her husband collapsed to “whip the corpse”…

According to Taiwan’s Zhongshi News Network reported on January 2, Gao Renhe, a veteran retired criminal police officer in Taiwan, recently told a TV program about a social case he handled. Suspected of economic problems, a woman living in New Taipei City tied a rope and jumped into the sea with her five children to commit suicide, and when her husband, who usually set up a fortune-telling stall in the temple, arrived at the scene, he actually “whipped the corpse” and punched his wife who had died, shouting angrily “You want to die, why take my child to die”, and also took out a peach wood sword saying that he wanted to resurrect the family, Gao Renhe later learned that the couple had serious mental illness. According to the report, Gao Renhe said in the program that a couple gave birth to 5 children in 7 years, the children are between 1 and 7 years old, the family’s financial resources all rely on the husband in front of the palace temple stall fortune telling, life is quite difficult, when he went to visit, he found that the couple’s home did not have a refrigerator, a table, or used cardboard boxes as bed boards, 5 children all slept on cardboard boxes, making him quite distressed. One day later, Gao Renhe learned in the news media that a woman tied herself and her five children with a rope and jumped into the sea, and when rescuers salvaged them, they found that the faces of several children had been smashed by the reef, and he was shocked to realize that it was the family, and he immediately informed the woman’s husband, but when the husband arrived at the scene of the incident, his emotions were not sad and collapsed, but he punched the body of his wife, who had died, and roared, “You are going to die, why take my children to die.” Gao Renhe said that the man was very angry at the moment, and even took out the peach wood sword and chanted: “Don’t pull me, they are just sleeping, I will wait for the end of the exercise, they will all get up.” He later discovered that the couple had serious mental illness and sadly said that “the children are innocent.”

Source: Global.com

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