Chinese “autumn pants” landed at New York Fashion Week? The “secret of youth” of long-established underwear

Xinhua News Agency client Shanghai, August 30 (Reporter Youzhiqiao) “Autumn pants” and “fashion week” look like two very contrasting words, and at the upcoming 2020 spring-summer New York Fashion Week in September, the 82-year-old Chinese underwear brand Sangun stepped onto the stage of New York Fashion Week for the first time, revealing the new style of “domestic fashion brand”.

The “Three Guns” brand, born in 1937, is a veritable Chinese time-honored brand. So far, Sangun has firmly occupied the leading position in the national underwear industry, and its market share ranks first in the country.

Cui Yueling, deputy general manager of Shanghai Sangun (Group) Co., Ltd., introduced that the unique production process and comfortable and breathable fabric are the traditional advantages of Sangun, at the same time, Sangun has transformed to a younger and more fashionable through e-commerce channel development and cross-border cooperation in recent years, so that the time-honored brand shows a new atmosphere.

It is reported that the three guns joined hands with Chinese e-commerce Alibaba’s Tmall platform to land on New York Fashion Week. During Fashion Week, Three Guns will showcase 40 sets of underwear accessories, created by domestic menswear designer Qu Chuang. Qu Chuang combines the beauty of the old brand with the current aesthetics, integrates and reshapes the traditional elements of this domestic time-honored underwear such as Chinese fuge, thread, tie-dye, etc., presenting the innovative and international style of the Chinese underwear brand, so that the whole show presents a high-end and simple style.

Wang Weimin, chairman of Shanghai Longtou (Group) Co., Ltd., the parent company of Sangun Group, told reporters that in addition to cooperating with some characteristic designers, Sangun has fixed overseas design studios in New York, Milan, Tokyo and other places, and also has its own design and development team in China, most of these designers are young and passionate, focusing on different products.

In fact, the products of Sangun have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, laying the foundation for the export of brand culture. “Whether it is cross-border innovation, embracing the Internet, or landing on New York Fashion Week, these are the active explorations of time-honored brands, and I hope that Sangun can become a ‘Chinese business card’.” Wang Weimin said.

This year, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s Tmall platform partnered with New York Fashion Week to bring more Chinese brands to New York for its “Tmall China Cool” event. In addition to the three shots, there are also Peacebird men’s clothing, ANTA children’s clothing, Lily business fashion and so on.

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