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A light shirt is definitely the most versatile item for the summer and autumn seasons, especially now, even after the beginning of autumn, the sun is still as hot as ever. If you want sun protection without losing a bit of chic, a shirt is definitely what you want.

Compared with short shirts, loose boyfriend style shirts and long shirts with wind walking are the most in-looking looks of this season, whether it is worn inside or outside without buttons, it is very fashionable, and it can easily wear a sense of layering. Want to get yours that? Let’s wait for COCO to show you how the fashionistas dress.

Solid color shirt

Although a solid color shirt is the most ordinary and inconspicuous, if you want to wear a layered sense without being messy, and you can easily go high-level, you can’t go wrong with choosing a solid color shirt. Fresh colors, especially white, add lightness to the tough material of the shirt.

Like Xi Mengyao’s white shirt with a missing undershirt is very exemplary, with a brightly colored T-shirt underneath, with frayed and ripped hot pants, Louis Vuitton lace-up thick-heeled ankle boots, and a baseball cap that echoes it, and a light-colored bag with fur hangings, it is difficult to think of a fashionable icon.

And the same oversize long white shirt outfit, Zhang Li’s body wears a full cool and sexy style, the black and white outfit of the whole body is embellished with rivets, patent leather, and openwork elements, giving people an irresistible feminine style.

But like Bella, a boyfriend-style white shirt with a white crop top is originally a very high-class way to wear, but knee-length light-colored denim shorts are easy to divide the whole body into three equal parts, and it is easier to appear short. When the sisters borrow from it, it is better to change to ultra-shorts or slightly flared trousers.

It is also very cool with pants with a sense of workwear.

The extra-long ankle-length shirt is knotted at the waist to create a split effect, which not only flatters the curve of the legs, but also allows you to walk with the wind, adding freshness and fairyness. It is very suitable for fairies with a slender and tall figure.

Shirts with a soft texture such as chiffon and silk are especially suitable for wearing alone on these two days, with plain or black items, practical and comfortable.

The white shirt style with a strong sense of structure and design is also a big trick that can inadvertently show fashion.

Wearing the waist seal with irregular silhouette design and the structure of the suspender is also a good way to improve the fashion and break the monotony.

A light blue shirt will be fresher than a white shirt, and it is very delicate and atmospheric with stripes, polka dots, and broken flower elements that adjust the monotony of the whole body.

As the weather gets colder, long shirts can be layered over a thick coat to reveal the shirt hem. A bright or two bright colors are even better off the whole body.

However, compared to light-colored long shirts, dark colors are more thin and natural. For example, a navy blue shirt like Zhang Huiwen is layered with a white printed T-shirt and white raw shorts, and a fresh white Dior mini bag cross-body. The black glossy leather shoes on the feet are layered with the popular black Vetements striped letter knit socks, which add a street preppy style while adding the finishing touch.

However, this year’s general trend of moss green, army green, slightly long shirts with some workwear elements, plus small bags, waist packs are also very fashionable.

Plaid shirt

Plaid shirts are more common on the streets in early fall than solid color shirts, whether they are classic red and black campus-style shirts or other styles. They are all versatile pieces that reduce age and look thinner.

Like the big power who is always on the cusp of the fashionable wave, this red and black plaid long shirt can be said to be the best look, the whole body is red and black as the main color, with lace silk texture suspenders, frayed black trimmed hot pants, letter baseball caps and sunglasses to add a sense of casualness on the street, and red hard leather bags, eye-catching white boots make the whole body more casual and mix with a touch of lady fan.

And Reba’s matching is simpler, with a loose black slit dress, choker and black sneakers are full of sports, but the aura of walking with wind can also be said to be unbeatable.

Song Jia’s shirt and jacket layering, especially the black and white delicate plaid pattern completely got rid of the boring feeling of all black, very street girl.

And Baby’s oversize blue check shirt with a sports-style belt, especially this year’s particularly trendy belt tail hanging down directly, in the loose and loose can show the figure.

And the long plaid shirt with such a silhouette is also fashionable with a knotted metal ring.

Of course, wrapping tightly in a long plaid shirt is definitely not an option for a fashionable and concave posture, and the top of the crop top is more than fashionable in addition to sexy.

With college-style socks and platform shoes, it just shows a small leg, which is very thin.

A plaid shirt also has a special effect over a small solid suit.

Striped shirt

Compared to age-reducing plaid shirts, striped shirts are more textured and fresh.

Balenciaga’s blue and white striped loose lining with a simple letter white T, a white baseball cap with large black sunglasses and red lips, and ripped denim wide-leg pants add a casual chic.

Compared with the fresh light color of the whole body, the black and white striped long shirt with black T, fun embroidered shorts, more playful.

And like Tang Yan, using striped shirts to layer and mix is also very innovative, delicate striped shirts expose sleeves, collars and hems, colliding with the retro washed denim jacket style, with the same tone of small blue bags, fashionable and age-reducing.

Striped shirts, whether worn alone, underneath or outer, can be worn in a variety of fancy ways.

Even the simplest Oversize shirt is full of style on its own, but a little trick is to tuck the shirt on one side, which can define the curves of the waist and legs well, and be more structured. Especially with flared pants or skirts.

Striped long shirts and jackets are also very versatile, whether it is a small suit, a trench coat, or a baseball uniform or motorcycle leather jacket with mixed styles, you can wear a different feeling.

Baseball uniforms, baseball caps, sports-style elements mixed with black boots, pearl bags, and flowing shirts, very chic.

And the wearing method worn outside the suspender is like this with an irregular doll-style striped long shirt, echoing the flat shoes with black and white stripes, which is very intellectually sweet.

Wear a striped shirt as a trench coat for a more fluid feeling. The long stripes are very thin, drawn into the proportion of the whole body. When dressing, it is advisable to subtract the color tone of the whole body, and black and white plus denim blue as the base color.

Polka-dot shirt

Polka dot shirts are more retro and sweet, black and white polka dot shirts themselves have a more center of gravity, and the matching of other items is as simple as possible.

Wear it alone with a polka-dot shirt dress.

A polka-dot loose polka-dot shirt in the style of pajamas can be worn as a coat with white wide-leg pants.

Or a polka-dot shirt jacket with a large hem and a woven check, which is very British preppy style.

Printed shirt

Printed shirts may be more difficult to control, but try to match them with minimalist items, but it is very atmospheric and fun.

Like Qi Wei, choose a complicated pajama style flower shirt, with the simplest white T, jeans, and a pair of exaggerated sunglasses to enhance the texture of the whole look, but this outfit is very picky, girls need to be cautious for reference!

A style like this, which is very domineering and eye-catching in its own print, plus rivet elements, is widely avoided by ordinary people, but it is very fashionable to wear well.

The army green print is more grounded, and the whole design is equipped with a belt, full of workwear and its own aura.

A denim shirt with fun prints will be more age-reducing and more comfortable than a denim jacket.

Like a more plain shirt jacket with suspenders and loose pants, it is very suitable for a leisure vacation.

Patchwork shirt

If you feel that ordinary shirts can’t wear your fashion, you can pick and choose a patchwork shirt, whether it is a different material or a different pattern of splicing, it is very unique.

Qi Wei’s blue patchwork striped long shirt will attract all attention, and other combinations can be combined with simple white pieces.

The goddess Qi Wei is definitely a shirt owner, and all kinds of things can amaze her, this Louis Vuitton color-block checked pajama style shirt combines classic and playful elements with fun stitching.

And the simple structural panels are also very delicate.

The hem silhouette is fresh and breathtaking.

New Dressing:

However, in addition to picking the style of shirts, fashionable stars have invented countless structural ways to dress, and if fairies want to put the old shirts at home back in a new look, they can learn the following tricks.

Wear a short skirt with a waist over a long shirt, especially leather, which can be more sexy and temperamental, and the skirt length is best chosen to slightly expose the edge of the shirt.

The double-breasted or zippered design is more structured.

As the weather cools, the fashionable underwear of sweaters that have begun to emerge this spring is bound to become more and more fashionable this autumn and winter.

Loose “off-the-shoulder” wearing with sweaters and sporty pieces, it is difficult to be a low-key fashionista.

Wear the sweater underneath, and then pair it with a split leather skirt with a cinched waist.

Sweaters are worn over shirts for more classic wear. The hem of the shirt can define the leg shape.

Other more complex ways to wear, a mix of elements, dressed well is also very organized and institutionally layered.

However, such a structure is actually quite brain-consuming, unfortunate to wear, it is easy to step on a minefield, to do subtraction to the outfit, you can directly wear the long shirt into a one-piece shirt skirt. Simply pair it with little white shoes and you can go out on the street.

The off-the-shoulder design is also perfect for early autumn.

The blue striped shirt skirt is more playful.

Seeing this, do you think that a long shirt can be concave all over autumn and winter?

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