How much is the weight of door and window hardware?

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The difference between Winkhouse and MACO and Noto hardware, the principle of anti-theft?

Winkhaus MACO anti-theft performance is relatively better than Noto.

Winkhouse Hardware:

1. Simple operation, beautiful and tidy, large bearing capacity and high safety.

2. The main advantages of German Winkhaus WINKHAUS: the number of European standard lock points, mushroom head lock points and steel 24mm large lock blocks work together to create hardware that meets the RC2 anti-theft standard, adjustable row fan lifter, not only has anti-misoperation function, but also fan extraction effect.

MACO Hardware:

Austrian MACO multi-lock point linkage, 13 series hardware, mushroom head rolling lock point with anti-theft function. The form stability performance is good, and the window opening performance is superior.

How many pounds is the weight of hardware? Is there an extra charge for hardware?

The load bearing of the inner opening and internal pouring is 130kg. Window hardware is not available at an extra cost. Door locks and special door hardware are available for an additional fee.

Do all doors and windows have casement overhangs?

Yes, notch width below 420mm cannot be done.

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