Achieve lingerie freedom! Nude invisibility comfort 100%

It’s really hard to be a woman!

Especially after giving birth, women not only have to bear more psychological pressure, but also physical changes. For example, the chest, which was once full and straight, becomes shriveled, sagging, expanded, and loose.

Women, you must love yourself well!

Most women learn to please themselves rather than others. So now, underwear without underwire is becoming more and more sought after by women.

But there are a lot of such bras on the market,

The ones that are not well designed to wear are like grandma’s underwear.

The chest is “pouring out”, and the side breasts only increase. It’s not easy to pick a good one.

In order to avoid everyone’s difficulty in choosing, Sister Mai Zi recommends a comfortable non-sensory vest-style bra that has been very popular recently and has a good reputation ↓↓↓

“Yukimian” free free cup

No need to choose size ➕, no underwire, ➕ naked feel without marks, very comfortable

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Specially searched the flagship store of Xingmian and found this “Xingmian Random Cup”

The monthly sales are really good.

And the positive reviews are really a lot. Everyone who uses it feels that this sizeless underwear will be better than the other

The support is better, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Many beauties in the little red book have recommended this underwear. And the vest bra is worn underneath, which is really comfortable and good-looking!

Women have to be nice to themselves

Break the steel ring shackles, choose

Free Glass

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1. Invisible without marks, goodbye to strangulation

The fabric of an underwear, the quality of the coaster material and even the bonding technology all directly affect the wearing comfort of underwear.

Ill-fitting sizeless underwear is like a piece of cloth casually wrapped around your chest. Sagging and expanding of the chest not only affect the mood, but also keep the chest in a state of unsupported for a long time.

The really good to wear sized-free underwear should be able to make our breasts

Gently wrapped and the bust line should be natural and beautiful.

This vest-style underwear does just that! Looking at the chest shape from the front is natural and good-looking,

The back is also a one-piece no-mark fit

, and it must be very comfortable to look at.

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2. More supportive than ordinary sizeless underwear

Although it is without a steel rim, Komi’s underwear is compared to ordinary vest-type underwear.

It is still more supportive, and it is more free than underwear under the underwire.

Its removable anti-wrinkle teardrop-shaped coaster is

Lucky Mian’s exclusive black technology

, customized according to the breasts of Asian women.

The heart of the cup is more light, breathable and close-fitting.

The sides of the coaster are slightly thicker, which can play a good gathering effect

, avoid chest expansion, play an effective supporting role. And it will automatically fit and adjust according to your chest shape, full score for security!

With it,

Big breasts do not press the chest, small breasts do not empty cups.

Automatically fits the shape of the chest for maximum comfort.

3. Machine wash without deformation, easy to be lazy

You must not have imagined that such comfortable underwear does not have to be washed by hand, a real lazy must-have!

The three-dimensional and moderate thickness of the coaster of this bra improves washing resistance. Even if it is machine washed, it is not easy to wrinkle.

The body adopts German Henkel’s ultra-fine dispensing and fitting technology, which is not afraid of high temperature, and is machine washable without deformation and degumming.

Take off your underwear and throw it in the washing machine and you’ll be done, saving 20 minutes a day!

4. Comfortable fabric, soft and skin-friendly, as if breathing

Black technology coasters are super easy to wear, and they can also be machine washed, which is already perfect! Who knew that the fabric of Yukimian’s casual cup is not ordinary!

Unlike other sizeless underwear, this freewheeler cup is used

Soft and highly elastic micro-nylon nylon microfiber fabric

, no matter what type of body you are, you can easily tolerate it.

A-D cups, the lower circumference size is between 70-90cm, and girls weighing less than 140 pounds can wear it!

No more bothering to pick a size.

In the past, when wearing ordinary underwear, you would see the straps of the underwear when you wore tight short sleeves outside, and every time you took off the underwear, there was a circle of marks around the chest.

Since changing to the casual cup, these troubles are gone!

There are no traces of underwear on the back, and there are no tire prints when wearing intimate clothing, and the comfort line rises.

There is a picture and there is a truth ↓↓↓

The freewheeling cup feels soft and sticky, and can fit the curve of the chest 360 degrees

, even if it is a special period change, it is also suitable. Moreover, the fabric woven from this fiber is delicate, light, skin-friendly and elastic.

A truly streakless effect, absolutely stunning!

5. Stay with you all day anytime, anywhere

I used to wear underwear, and my chest was very stuffy and uncomfortable after sweating. Since changing to a light casual cup, I am no longer afraid of sweltering heat in summer.

You can wear it when you are resting at home, during long trips, and when you are lazy and want to go out quickly.

24 hours a day is skin-friendly and breathable, giving you the comfort of sleeping naked.

Underwear is no longer a torture instrument that binds you!

The freewheeling cup comes in ten colors

, each one looks good, there is always one to please you!

Have you already chosen the color you want?

Adults don’t make a choice only ALL IN, all colors I want!

Have it now and enjoy the joy of chest freedom together!

Order now and get $10 off one piece

Order now and get $10 off one piece

Order now and get $10 off one piece

$30 off for two pieces (plus shopping cart)

$30 off for two pieces (plus shopping cart)

$30 off for two pieces (plus shopping cart)

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