Men’s makeup 7 misunderstandings, come in and avoid pits

Hey guys, I’m trying to make you handsome bosir!

Ask you a question, what would you do if you were in a bad mood today, but you were going on a date, or you were going to an interview, or you were visiting someone important?

Go directly? No no no This will only make your date awkward, make your interview a big deduction, and even the people you visit will feel that you don’t respect it.

So what to do? In fact, you almost put on a little makeup.

Makeup? Wear makeup like a girl, no, no, no, how can a guy wear makeup?

You, do you think the same way, if you think the same way, congratulations you have fallen into a big misunderstanding.

Today I want to tell you 7 misunderstandings of boys’ makeup!

1. The first misunderstanding, boys don’t need facial cleanser.

Our skin secretes a lot of oil every day, these oils are difficult to clean with water, if not cleaned in time, your skin pores will become very rough!

Do you often use a towel when washing? Don’t do this, rubbing a rough towel around the skin will not only irritate the skin, cause fine lines and cause pigmentation, but more seriously, reapply the mites carried by the bacteria on the towel to your washed face.

2. The second misunderstanding, do not apply skin care products after washing your face.

Hydration and moisturizing after washing your face is a very important link, if you do not hydrate in time for a long time, your skin will cause skin aging due to lack of water, spots These problems, want to maintain a young state of the face, skin care after washing your face must be a problem to be carefully considered.

3. The third misunderstanding, boy makeup = mother

I’ll show you a few photos, these guys are wearing makeup, and you say that they are not mothers. So Niang Bu Niang really has little to do with makeup, but has a lot to do with the person who made up.

A sunny and tough boy, painting the right makeup, can only make it more man, but if the person wearing makeup is very girly, even if he draws a very manly makeup, he will be very girly when he speaks. So everyone thinks that boys’ makeup is equal to motherhood, which is actually a false proposition.

4. The fourth misunderstanding, feel free to use cosmetics.

Men should not use cosmetics casually before making up, be sure to choose according to their skin type, and understand their needs.

For example, the face is easy to produce oil, choose the oil control, easy to dry, choose the more moisturizing; If it is dull, choose a brightening product; Suitable products can make your makeup more natural, otherwise it is really a powder face, and boys in the choice of cosmetics, the color can not be too bright, foundation close to the skin tone OK.

5. The fifth misunderstanding, boys imitate women’s makeup.

Boys do not need to complete each step like girls when making up, boys should do subtraction when making up, such as people with good skin, you may not apply foundation, if your lines are clearly defined, you don’t need to figure shadows and highlights, or you have good eyebrows, you don’t need to draw too many eyebrows, try to do subtraction instead of addition.

6. The sixth misunderstanding, boys do not trim their eyebrows.

Eyebrows are an important part of the face that affects the face, a pair of neat and delicate thick eyebrows, the improvement of temperament is not a little bit.

Men must learn to take care of their eyebrows, and messy eyebrows can make a person look super untidy and even have a sloppy feeling.

7. The seventh misconception is that men refuse to use lipstick.

Lipstick seems to be the object of rejection by most boys, in sharp contrast to girls, most of the reasons why boys refuse lipstick are not understood correctly.

Men’s lipstick can not be as complicated as women’s lipstick, just need to brighten the lips a little, do not need to be too red and too positive, bean paste color is OK, or use a lip balm, so that the whole person’s complexion will be much better!

Boys’ makeup is difficult for many straight men to accept, I myself do not wear makeup every day, but in the necessary social situations will be able to pour myself up, usually do basic cleaning and skin care, dress appropriately OK.

Dragon hunting gold fixed entanglement mountain, a from the entanglement is a view, pinching the fingers, the barrage to go and there are people who raise the bar, this video is really not telling every man to go to makeup, I want to say that according to their actual social needs to decide, in some occasions, properly dress themselves, really beneficial and harmless.

But if your living environment or your work needs do not consider this aspect, it is a bit strange to wear makeup, so everyone must weigh whether their life and work are suitable for makeup. Makeup brings you more than strength. Look at it rationally.

OK, I hope today’s video can make boys have a little new understanding of makeup, if it is helpful you can also forward it to other friends in need, of course, don’t forget to like, follow it, my channel will update men’s clothing, dressing, skin care, fitness and other aspects of the video every week, make men more fashionable, we’ll see you in the next issue.

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