How a waste wine bottle can be transformed into a beautiful flower pot!

1. Choose a wine bottle, preferably a porcelain bottle, and then soak the bottle in water for about a day.

2. Take out the soaked wine bottle and lie on the ground, it is best to pad a cloth under the wine bottle to prevent the bottle from sliding and at the same time, it can also absorb shocks.

3. Use a cutter to gently cut a line mark around the bottle!

4. Continue deepening until the bottle is disconnected! During this process, it is best to wear gloves to prevent bottle fragments from scratching your hands.

5. Put the cut bottle upside down, prepare the drilling bit, and punch the hole at the bottom of the bottle.

6. When punching, the drill bit should be perpendicular to the bottom of the bottle, and similarly, a soft cloth should be placed under the bottle, which absorbs shock and is safe!

7. After drilling is completed, the prototype of the craft pot is already there.

8. Ready-made flower pots.

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