Sandals + fairy shirt, simple and fashionable and atmospheric

This morning, Liya finished putting on makeup and was ready to go out, and as soon as she stepped out of the house, she was forced to retreat by a heat wave, but I didn’t expect summer to come so imposingly, and I decisively changed

Fairy shirts and sandals

, only once again had the courage to go out!

In the hot summer, it is impossible to stay outside without cool clothes, and Liya will recommend a wave of cool summer outfits to you today——

Fairy outfit

With these collocations, you will definitely be afraid of summer and can also be beautiful to new heights!

First go to Part 1 and learn about the fairy shirts we need to prepare!

Fairy shirts are actually what every girl wears


, ordinary basic styles are used as underwear, fashionable and good-looking styles can be worn alone to show off the figure.

Immortal shirt is zui energy

Protruding the collarbone

One of the clothes, and it is light and does not occupy the wardrobe and is particularly versatile, for the summer when you have to change clothes every day, it is necessary to prepare ten pieces of eight!

This one

Shrink design

The fairy shirt looks very slim, but in fact, the elasticity is very good, printed

Light-colored small broken flowers

, very able to show your beauty and beauty.

A fairy shirt with a wooden ear neckline

Full score for sweetness factor

, with a checked midi skirt, a proper cute, wearing this outfit is definitely not good~

There is one more in the ear of the generous collar

Vintage vibe

, the ruffles of the hem can just cover the flesh on the stomach, with a white split skirt, quietly show off beautiful legs between walking, quite careful!

The high-neck fairy shirt is relatively picky, and this style will

Increase the area of your upper body

, slightly fat girls still have to choose fairy shirts with relatively large collars.

Colored stripes

Fairy shirts are definitely a must-have for beautiful girls, and the beautiful colors and warm summer can’t go well and match

Wash blue

High-waisted jeans, this look is really beautiful!

This year’s explosive green must also be put on the agenda,

The green and white stripes are simple and generous

, nature’s color system will always give life a vibrant feeling, with a raw denim skirt, fashion chick is you.

Solid color wide shoulder strap

The fairy shirt is restrained and artistic, and it is more flesh-covered, suitable for girls with wide shoulders, with high-waisted slacks, full of mature little sexy.

If you want to say shoes that go with fairy shirts, it must be”

Dressed as if not worn, not worn as if worn


Wearing a cool fairy shirt and thick stuffy sneakers will look light and heavy, and at this time you need a pair of “sandals” to save!

Sandals are shoes that use less “material” than wide-toe sandals, leaving the instep mostly bare, not only


, but also visually

Longer legs

Lemon yellow fairy shirt

The brightness is very high, the whiter the skin, the more you can wear style, with wide straight-leg jeans and sandals, it is just right to neutralize fashion and casualness.

Crochet hand-knitted lace fairy shirt with a long red skirt and a pair of flat-soled fringed sandals

Sweet, sexy and ethnic

, Mrs. is suitable for a holiday trip by the sea, guaranteed to make you return 100%!

The burgundy fairy shirt has a temperament and is paired with a draped one

Irregular trimmed skirt


Pearl sandals

, It’s a blast!

Fresh bean green fairy shirt + white high-waisted wide-leg pants, neat and fashionable. Compared to the thin-heeled sandals that are difficult to walk,

Thick heel

It’s really very stable, even if you don’t wear shoes with heels, you won’t feel tired.

The fairy shirt with strong folds is very three-dimensional, very friendly to flat-chested fairies, and large-breasted fairies have to look at the upper body effect.

PVC sandals

It is this year’s chic item, and fairies who catch up with the trend must enter a pair!

The silk and chiffon shirt is Liya’s favorite style because it drapes well

There is texture

It won’t be cheap

, Pair it with casual sandals and it won’t feel too casual.

Flat cross-strapped sandals will feel more secure to wear, because Liya used to wear thin strappy sandals”

When the street breaks

If you are ready to walk for a long time, it is better to choose a more comfortable and durable style.

The fairy shirt is a top with vertical shoulder straps, so change your thinking, turn the shoulder straps sideways, and then it becomes another style of fairy shirt——

One-shoulder fairy shirt

The shoulders are not as revealing and sexy as you think, because most girls like it

Shawl hair or collarbone hair

These shawls are like small shawls, reducing the area exposed to the skin, but still retaining the opportunity to appear on your shoulders.

You must have felt how thin black is, wearing a black slim shoulder top, but also make you lose another degree, as for whether to show your waist depends on the specific situation, with the choice of universal items

Ripped jeans

Sandals embellished with metal chains

, easy to get the cool feeling.

Fairies who don’t like slim styles, choose three-dimensional ones

Puff sleeves on the shoulders

It’s also very good, with white wide-leg pants and lace-up sandals, black and white, a modern sense of matching is instantaneous!

The wrap-around shoulders actually have a double wearing method, as long as you move the position of the sleeves

Large V-neck and one-line neck can be switched at will

Paired with chiffon tie-dyed air pants and silver-toned strappy sandals, this languid casual outfit doesn’t need to be said by Liya, you know.

The small broken flower shoulder fairy shirt is full of gentleness


, with white pants and transparent sandals, it is a simple but not simple everyday wear.

The Cool Fairy who is not alone is certainly not limited to the style of the shoulder, asymmetrical

Slanted shoulder fairy shirt

Bring a different feeling to your outfit, with ethnic sandals, it highlights the literary and artistic personality.

If you feel that your figure is not as slender as the model and you dare not wear fairy shirts alone, then don’t worry, Liya recommends you another universal way to dress:

Fairy shirt + sunscreen shirt + sandals!

The sunscreen is summer”

Sun protection covers meat

The key is that it can form a natural sense of matching when you wear fairy shirts, and it will not feel like deliberately wearing flesh.

A sunscreen shirt in the same color as the fairy shirt

It will have a more suit feeling, and fairies who like minimalist colors can match it this way and choose a pair

Thin strappy sandals

, show off your skinny jiojio.

Pink and white cp do you love it or not! Fresh and refreshing and a little cute, but the length of the pants is more selective, and the sandals are covered, it is recommended to choose

9-point pants

of styles.

The sun protection shirt literally means

Clothes made of sunscreen materials

, but beautiful girls pay more attention to good-looking styles, so many sunscreen shirts will be designed into versatile styles and are more popular.

If you don’t already have an “authentic” sunscreen shirt, that’s fine

Wear your shirt as sunscreen

Although the fabric may be thicker and not professional sun protection, the basic effect and good-looking degree are still very high.

No matter what style of suspenders they wear, Liya recommends that fairies prepare a sunscreen shirt to avoid heat in the sun

Direct sunlight

, can be avoided under air conditioning

Cold wind strikes

, multi-purpose, very intimate.

Today’s cool summer outfit, fairies are still enjoyable?


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