Illustrated English: The most colloquial short sentence pattern in the first volume of New Concept English, share with you

New Concept English Volume 1 is not only a very good teaching material for speaking, but also a very good textbook for phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar

The content is rich, the words are authentic, the grammar is rich, and the system is complete

How to make the first book of New Concept English more effective?

Teachers are needed to classify and organize their content, practice specially, and guide the accumulation of phonetic vocabulary and grammar foundations

Since I have accumulated a large amount of new concept English content, while sorting it out every day, I will also select a part to share with partners who follow the picture and speak English. I hope this content can help everyone.

Recently, I have also explored the content of the first volume of New Concept English to facilitate the subsequent production of the content of the first volume of New Concept English. For example, New Concept English Phonics Videos, Textbook Phonetic Phonics Videos, Texts Vocabulary Grammar Explanation Notes and Videos, and Vocabulary Grammar Notes and Videos for the entire book.

The organization and production of this content first requires that all the content be categorized and then filtered. Looking forward to more discovery and production of high-quality content.

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