The two new products of the cotton era underwear make you beautiful and warm

As the deep winter approached, the clothes on his body slowly became thicker. How can you keep yourself comfortable and warm on a day when it gets colder without wrapping yourself up like a rice dumpling? This is probably a major problem that many people face as they enter winter. Today, Xiaobian will recommend this warm and fashionable cotton era underwear to make you beautiful and warm!

The two new products of underwear launched by Cotton Times this time are non-marking cotton underwear and herbal cotton underwear. Both have high cotton content, good softness and skin-friendliness, which can bring users a comfortable wearing experience. At the same time, materials taken from nature and with its own environmental protection concept are also in line with the concept of comfort and environmental protection pursued by the brand.

The difference is that the non-marking cotton underwear is made of 100 high-count long-staple cotton, which has the characteristics of lightness. Because of this, the non-marking cotton underwear feels very thin, fits very close to the body, and is like the second skin of the body, without a sense of restraint and heaviness. Coupled with the design of the pants, the entire non-marking cotton underwear skillfully combines comfort and fashion, which not only highlights the uniqueness of the brand, but also conforms to the fashion trend of underwear.

The herbal cotton underwear is made of herbal cotton, which has plant antibacterial properties. According to tests, after many washes, the primer still has AAAAA-level antibacterial effect, which continues to help users achieve long-term antibacterial and long-term care, and also prolongs the service life of the underwear, thereby reducing the generation of waste clothing. Moreover, herbal cotton can be naturally degraded, even if the user’s underwear reaches the “retirement”, the user does not have to worry about the pollution of the environment by the clothes, and naturally realizes the brand and the user to work together to carry out environmental protection to the end.

Cotton era to “comfort, health, environmental protection” as the product concept, constantly innovate, to meet the personalized, multi-level needs of consumers and constantly upgrading market demand, at the same time, the new products also cleverly combine fashion, environmental protection and consumer needs, so that the little thing of wearing underwear becomes more meaningful.

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