Satin shirts are this year’s “king”, girls to old ladies like it, choose the right one beautiful and sassy

Share the most classic fashion outfits, so that you can be beautiful in all seasons of the sense of premium, women never lack attractiveness, only lack of skills to stimulate charm, will wear, let you become a tasteful elegant woman!

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Shirts are particularly attractive clothing, can show women’s capable, elegant, intellectual temperament, the charm of traditional shirts is quite advanced, improved shirts are full of fashion and attractiveness, satin shirts are shirts with obvious improved characteristics.

Satin shirts change not only the fabric itself, visual sense, color characteristics and style characteristics will change due to the change of fabric, satin high-grade and has a strong personality, more and more people become satin shirts “fans”.

It’s the season to wear shirts again, naturally you can’t miss the satin shirt fashion, all types of satin shirts or satin shirt derivatives are very distinctive, young girls, fashion old ladies, etc. like to wear satin shirts, see how they are worn.

How can a high-class woman not wear a satin shirt, from the girl group to the queen, it looks really chic. Satin shirts are this year’s “king”, girls to old ladies like it, choose the right one beautiful and sassy.

Different types of satin shirts

Satin shirt dress

Satin shirt skirts are not suitable for design

Loose fit

, otherwise it will appear that the outfit is particularly untemperamental, and the outfit will have a sense of sloppiness or show a dress effect similar to pajamas, resulting in a decrease in dress personality or dress attractiveness.

The wrap satin shirt skirt looks more distinctive, and the satin skirt has no elasticity,

Wrapped feeling

The presentation effect is more direct, so the charm shown is more advanced and more feminine than a regular shirt.

Satin shirt with split sleeves

The split sleeve design makes the personality of the satin shirt more prominent, and the sleeve design of the general shirt is more regular, neat and formal, but the split satin shirt has increased


, flexible and distinctive outfit.

The longer the split is revealed

Personality appeal

The more obvious it is, if the sleeves are split to the armpits, it can wear an effect close to the cloak, making the outfit stronger and the style more chic.

Midi satin shirt

The length of a medium-length satin shirt is in the regular length and in the middle of the shirt skirt, such a shirt can be used


You can wear it as a regular top in more ways.

The satin design makes the mid-length shirt show the characteristics of high-class and noble, and the dress quality is outstanding.

Trendy appeal

More obviously, the outfit is simple, stylish and distinctive.

Ruffled satin shirt

Ruffled shirts have a more unique design appeal, and the ruffles on satin shirts can be

Extra stitching

, can also be from the main fabric

Stretch out

Yes, the design effect is very special.

Ruffled satin shirts look more delicate to women

Inner charm

The foil effect is more obvious. Ruffled satin shirts are more attractive in age-reducing outfits, and the lively and sweet temperament can be expressed.

A trendy match for satin shirts

Satin shirt with shorts

Satin shirts are of higher quality than regular shirts, and they are very expensive to look at, so the matching bottoms can not be inferior, and shorts are even more so, if you want to increase the quality of dress and unique personality, you can choose

Floral pants, paper bag pants, high-waisted pants

and other shorts.

These shorts

Visual sense

Stronger, more exquisite design, with satin shirts can show the personality and quality of high-waist wearing, so that satin shirts will not overly rob the shape charm, the image advantage is balanced.

Satin shirt with wide-leg trousers

There is also a lot of attention to the combination of satin shirts and wide-leg pants,

Satin shirt

Perfect for collocation

Velor fabric

The wide-leg trousers, satin shirt can enhance the color brilliance, while the velor fabric can increase

Color depth

, the texture of the fabric is different, which can increase the color contrast and show the unique quality of the dress.

According to the characteristics of the body, you can choose the matching form of the two items, and the shirt can

It’s all stuffed in

Wide-leg pants, you can also choose only

Tuck it in half

, both wearing methods can express the neat and straightforward matching effect, but also set off the proportion advantage of the body.

Satin shirt with leggings

Short satin shirt

Suitable for wearing with corset pants, it can increase the vitality of wearing, show the comfortable and neat wearing effect, and the characteristics of mixed and matching style are very obvious.

The cropped satin shirt is combined with corsetters

Features of long-legged body shape

, so that the outfit is more advantageous, corset pants and wide-leg pants can also hide the leg line, making the image more beautiful.

Satin shirt set

Satin shirt sets are trendy and easy to produce

Pajama style

The sense of sight, the matching of pajama style is also very attractive and fashionable.

If you don’t want a satin shirt set to be mistaken for pajamas, wear it with trendy shoes, for example

Booties, boots, sneakers


Satin shirt with leather skirt

Leather skirts too

Fabric texture

A particularly strong skirt, paired with a satin shirt, can enhance the vitality and temperament attractiveness of the dress, showing the charm of mature women and successful women.

Satin shirts are mostly true


, while the leather skirt design is more


, the contrast of clothing is more obvious, and the outfit can show a unique sense of charm.

Satin shirt with tulle skirt

Satin shirt and tulle skirt combine to achieve the charm of high-end dress and classic dressing.

Classic feeling


Stylish temperament

It is more personal than other types of outfits.

The shirt can be directly covered on the skirt, showing the frankness and chic of dressing, even older women can wear it

Lazy and advanced

of dress temperament.

Satin shirts can be combined with many fashion elements, designed in the style of wrap skirts, mini skirts or styles with fashion elements, and there are many matching options, there is always one that suits you.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a sophisticated dresser! Don’t play tall, only talk about the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!

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